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  1. After Windows 10 update my DAW no longer recognised Helix and there was a huge latency on USB 1/2. After unsuccessfully trying to solve by re-installing Helix Firmware I found a (non-helix-related) post on the web suggesting to uninstall USB host controllers. I did this on all USB Root Hubs and root Hubs (3) and it worked - however if you need to do this you will have to manually reboot your PC as your mouse/keyboard wont work until you reboot and USBs are re-installed.
  2. Just got helix lt - guitar from unit sounds great through headphones but when used as audio interface, all audio through the interface is distorted whether using it as a DAW or simply playing Spotify or other audio through it - any thoughts? UPDATE: Have just solved it - used different USB port; original port may have not been 2.0 or 3.0, or may be from the hub - either way. it's working now (so far)
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