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  1. I have an Ernie ball 250k volume pedal and a mission engineering Kemper expression pedal. Both work using a TS cable connected to the output jack. The insert cables give me the weird 0/100/0 sweep mentioned above. It’s almost too easy. I’m trying to decide if it’s worth it to buy another expression pedal with linear taper. The Helix adapts pretty well, but the resolution sucks with the log taper near the top of the curve.
  2. Just got a helix rack to use as an fx processor with my Friedman BE Deluxe. I noticed that when I put it into the loop, there is a very definite increase in midrange - even when there are no blocks in the path and the global eq is bypassed. Maybe just the buffering in the helix? By comparison, I have a strymon timeline and big sky that sound utterly transparent in the amp’s loop. These pedals have an analog dry path and mix the wet returns from the digital processing into the dry analog signal. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I welcome any ideas you all might have.
  3. Did this work? I'm having the same issue.
  4. +1 Wish I saw this thread before I brought home the helix. Line 6: please help us!
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