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  2. There was mention of an imminent official line on the approved way to fix the pedal squeak - did we ever see that? Mine is ridiculously loud and I am keen to not void the warranty...
  3. Dear Line6, please update the updater so that it's easier to replace IRs where they were.
  4. That looks fantastic - love the patch-bay on the side
  5. All 3? I'm jealous :-) I think if money were no object, and I had the back of a younger, stronger man then the Atomic CLR would be what I used. As it is the DXR10 arrived an hour ago and it is good as I remember, so a happy chap right now.
  6. Care to expand on that? World class sound is created every day over XLRs, and I wouldn't be using any of the other features that d-link supports, just audio...
  7. Is this something that Line 6 have acknowledged and are addressing?
  8. This happened to me yesterday on Firmware 2.12 (current)
  9. I've been playing with the Ownhammer Class-A Duo pack today - was easy to get a nice sound for a patch I was building just by browsing the 'Summary' folder using floor edit mode :-)
  10. Hi Tom I'm still really surprised at my own test - partly because I expected to like it, and partly because as you say lots of people are really happy with them. It may well have been the room I was in or something, but even if that is the case none of the other 3 devices seemed to be suffering. What I was hearing, was a honkiness, and it was slight but it was (to my ears) there, whereas it wasn't on the CLR or the Yamahas. It was the kind of thing I *expected* to hear from a PA type speaker, but which the others didn't actually do. I was thinking about it today - does the row of EQ stuff in the side panel on the L2t affect the sound if you are plugged-in to the main inputs on the rear panel? I had assumed not and ignored it. If it *is* active on those other inputs, that might be it...
  11. timmyo

    Helix sounds harsh

    How many 31-band EQs you got your board? ;-)
  12. There's actually a guy locally selling that Friedman, I was going to go and try it but it seems to be quite a bit heavier than what I've gone with so didn't in the end.
  13. Yep I agree - whenever I forget to change it to log I realise because it sounds like all the change is coming right a the start of the travel t
  14. I arranged to try all of these side by side today using Helix. In terms of sounding and feeling most like playing an amp, the Atomic CLR was very *slightly* the nicest sounding. It is also £999 here in the UK, and is quite heavy (I was shifting them around in the shop while I tried them and it became clear that weights vary enormously among these) Next I tried the L2t - I was a bit disappointed with it - spec-wise I love it and thought it would be the one I went for, but whatever mode I put the DSP in it was less pleasant sounding (to me than the others). It's also still pretty heavy. I the pop-put legs are fantastic though :-) Then the DXR10 - this was really nice - clear, even, flattered both clean and drive sounds. A slightly different sort of sound to the CLR but I liked it. Noticeably lighter than the previous 2. DBR10 - sounds very similar to the DXR10, so I started A/Bing them - the DXR sounded like it had a slightly clearer, more extended response (I am wording this badly) - so the DXR sounded just a bit 'nicer' than this DBR. The lightest of the bunch. In the end I chose the DXR10 - they only had the shop model so I have one on order, arriving next week. The Line6 is the only one I wouldn't have been happy owning which surprised me - I wanted to like it! Everyone has different tastes I suppose, but the DXR10 gets a big thumbs-up from me.
  15. I've purchased the OH 112 Deluxe Reverb pack and the Class A Duo pack - will see how I get on
  16. I think I'd prefer some good mic mixes ready to go. For me, playing around trying out my own mixes of individual impulses is probably a step further than I have patience for :D I may try and Ownhammer cab and see how I get on with it. Thanks for all the comments - all good food for tought.
  17. Yes the *value* changes smoothly, but the way the ear perceives loudness means that for a linear *sounding* increase in volume the pedal needs a *logarithmic* sweep. Try it, you'll see what I mean.
  18. The volume pedal block defaults to linear - change that to logarithmic and you will get the smooth change you are looking for. Volume pedals (and indeed guitar pots) usually have log pots in them - no idea why the volume block defaults to linear :-/
  19. Anyone own both and compare them properly? :-)
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