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  1. There is a discussion on another string regarding Gearbox. The string started because X3 was causing the Mac to crash when plugged in using USB. Then the discussion morphed to people complaining that Gearbox isn't being supported. I started looking on other strings to see if there are others and I see that there are. Line 6 has chimed in to say that there are no plans to update Gearbox but I sure hope they do. I got the X3 because it has all the bass amp/cab models. L6 doesn't make anything for bass players any more and I believe that it's a financial decision as they probably found that marketing to the guitar market is much more profitable than the bass market. Since they don't work in the bass arena anymore I hope they will put a little bit of time into updating Grearbox for some goodwill as I see that they have left many players in a tough position by not supporting the software that many of us use with our X3. Just my thoughts...
  2. As Line6Tony says, Gearbox has been placed as a Legacy product for quite a while now with no plans to develop it any further. However, I hope that Line 6 will make the investment into Gearbox after hearing that there are so many people still using the X3. We all have our reasons for not going to the HD platform. My reason for not going to the HD platform is because of the lack of bass amp/cab modeling. It seems that Line 6 has abandoned the bass players. I'm sure it was a business/financial decision. As time went on the Bass Variax and Bass POD models were discontinued. My hope, and I may be naive to think this, is that Line 6 will start to restart their Bass effects and Amp/Cab models in their HD line, but until this happens Gearbox should be updated to support the bass players and those who are still using the X3 and Xt models. Do those who make the decisions read these forums? Is there another place to voice our options and suggestions?
  3. Hi. I checked in my DAW (Logic Pro X) these inputs and they all appear. I get the input # 7 & 8 dry tracks. One thing that did get me was when choosing a stereo or mono sound source. In mono I can get 7&8 separate but in Stereo they come in together into one track. I hope this helps.
  4. I think there is progress! I haven't been using the Gearbox much since it stopped working but I do wish that I can get it to work again. At a minimum be able to save my settings.
  5. I updated the driver and everything is working so far. Thank you. HOWEVER... Gearbox isn't working right. Any update on this? Thanks.
  6. I put in a support ticket and I'm working with Line 6 to resolve this. One good piece of news. They gave me a link for updating Monkey and it worked! Link below. Line 6 Monkey v1.68: http://line6.com/getrelease?rid=5914 I am still not able to update the driver even though Monkey says there is an update and run update. When I run the installer it goes through the whole thing (download, install, restart) but when I go back to Monkey to check it still says update available. For some reason it's not installing... I have shared logs from Monkey and my Computer to hope to resolve the issue. Keep your fingers crossed.
  7. Same issue here. Upgraded to Yosemite. After install it would be on a crash loop. (restart, crash, restart, crash...) until I unplugged everything in USB. I have since figured out it's my X3 Live causing the issue. I loaded monkey and got notice that there is a newer version of monkey but I can't get it because it's looking for a OS higher than 10.5. I have 10.10 so it's thinking I have something lower than 10.5... I opened the older version of monkey. It tells me there are new drivers for X3 but I can't download because it requires a OS higher than 10.6... Same issue as above. Now I can't record because all my sounds come from X3... I guess I can go through analog out and into my A/D converter which is not ideal for me. Please fix this... I know you are working hard but it's been frustrating... Thanks for reading.
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