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  1. Crashed again 5 min ago. Line6 Pod X3 Pro connected to iMac 27" mid 2010. Input & Output via pod Playing a track using amazing slow downer. Jammed along on the guitar plugged into pod & stopped Quit app slow downer and everything is still fine. Reached over & hit the power switch on the pod x3 ....and .... the iMac instantly kernel panicked & i lost everything else i had open at the time. This is 100% reproducible every single time & I can't believe others aren't impacted as well. How did this escape QA ? I'm digging around to see if i can locate a core file or any other dump
  2. Has anybody managed to get gearbox to work in virtualbox with winxp on an OS X host ? If line6 has a work around this would be a good way to keep the product working
  3. Nope. I've given up on line6 at this point I don't use the x3 pro with the Mac because I'm afraid of the sudden reboots can't afford to loose my work
  4. Line 6 Pod X3 Pro Running the latest Line 6 Monkey & driver on OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 Pod X3 Pro connected via usb. If you turn off the pod sometimes OS X will suddenly kernel panic & reboot I've had this happen 4 or 5 times now & its somewhat intermittent but usually happens if i power off the pod On an unrelated note gearbox does not recognize this new drive "incompatible driver installed" ..it does however read in the patches, but editing does not work. If anyone else is seeing sudden reboots please post here.
  5. I understand that products do get old at some point Telling a customer that has spent nearly a $1000 on Pod X3 Pro & Floorboard II that theres no way to edit a patch on their pc/mac is like pissing on your paying customers It doesn't cost much to recompile a code base (I am a programmer) especially when the code in question makes use of open source libraries PNGLib. ZLib. etc etc (GearBox About.....) . Open source the editor so people can maintain it. Or just document the api calls so people can get/set data to/from a pod unit. Or make their editor modular with plugins to support old & upcoming units I had considered looking at the Helix but after 2 bad experiences in a row with Line 6, I would not consider buying their products. Its ironic that I get more support from Digitech on a used 2120 unit that I bought back in 2004 ...now thats customer service... ...and I'm not even a professional musician....just an average guy who like to play guitar once in a while..
  6. Neil, when you launch Gearbox do you get any incompatible driver messages ? & when trying to load a patch are you able to edit the patch without the name getting blanked out ? I'm on an iMac mid 2010 with El Cap 10.11.1 Pod X3 Pro connected via usb...... same driver version as yours
  7. Hmm I can get GearBox to launch & then it complains about an incompatible driver & the weird thing is it will read all the patches from Pod X3 Pro anyway Then when you double click a patch it will blank out the patch name..... now i have a set of blank named patches.. & you cant actually edit any patch. This is on El Cap 10.11.1 with the latest drivers from Line 6
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