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  1. yes, it works right away on the other computer. It's not plugged. I even tried in safe mode, nothing...
  2. No other MIDI drivers. I have done everything you said, still the same... What's surprising is that i have installed the drivers on another computer (laptop), same os and it worked the first time. But during the install, it paused 2 times to ask me something. Once i plugged the KB37, win7 found and installed its driver. On my desktop computer, no pauses and win7 fail to find the driver... if u have an idea...
  3. Monkey doesn't see KB37 (not connected). - Drivers: warning sign - USB Firmware, Flash memory, Pod Farm, Gearbox, Pod Farm2: question mark - Line 6 license manager, Line 6 monkey: green tick
  4. i have read and applied all the other posts but still not working... using win 7. I have installed licence manager, monkey and drivers but no success! need a little help thanks
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