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  1. Thank you all for the very helpful comments! :) I'll try to find an authorised Line6 service point in Berlin to check those devices by experienced persons. Big thank you!!!!
  2. First of all: thanks for the reply! In standard usage all Ins & Outs are working properly and everything is fine!! I will take your suggestion and try to clean the Variax - Jack using Iso-Alcohol or something equal. Thank you!!
  3. Hello all, i have a problem regarding the connection of my Variax 700 with my Pod XT live. Both Items got the latest Firmware via Line6 monkey. The connection between Variax and Pod is made with the Line6 Digi Cable (brand new!) The RJ45 Jack in the guitar works properly with the workbench interface. The problem is: the Pod XT live doesn't see the Variax ( "No variax connected!" <- Display Page) and you might guessed it: No sound. nothing!! :( How can i check the Variax Connector on the Pod XT live? Or do anybody have any further suggestions in handling that case? Thank you in advance! Regards Lou
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