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    First new (good sounding) modeler that has user installable IRs for under $700 bucks gets my next purchase. I just hope Line6 is hearing this. Scuffham Amps S-Gear $100 or Lepou Plugins Free and mixIR with Big Box $49.00
  2. My two cents, The HD500 and the DT50 are a great live sounding rig, and the HD500 into a computer sounds good also, but the best sounding and responsive guitar amp sim software for a DAW is Scuffham Amps, very responsive and analog sounding. I use it as a standalone or recording into Pro Tools thru a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40. is really reasonable, around $100. plus you can try it for a 15 day trial. If the HD500 era ends, I will still use it live, it serves my needs. But will still look at Line 6. As they have one of the best amp modeling setups for live. I was going to look at getting a JTV, but will wait to see what Line 6 brings next. No, I don't have a lot of extra cash sitting around, but I have a slight G.A.S. problem. Anyway, just some thoughts. BMoe
  3. Thanks for the response PDKTDK, I have read your review of the DT50/Dr Z Airbrake, and the Airbrake sounds like a unit that works good with the DT50 (which I own). But the price difference is over $100. I am looking for a "tamer" for the amp. I have used the direct out of the amp, that works great. I know the Jettenuator is fairly new, but was wondering if anyone has tried it with the DT50. I only use the amp live, 4-5 times a year , but would like to have attenuator for achieving the "tube warmness" sound at lower volumes. For bedroom levels, I use my studio computer (Scuffham Amps), so wouldn't use it as much for that. Still deciding on what to get, BMoe
  4. Looking at getting a attenuator for the DT50 amp. Is anyone currently using this with the amp? I know some are using the DR Z Airbrake, but this looks like more options. http://www.jetcityamplification.com/2013/02/12/jettenuator/
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