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  1. I recently purchased an HD-500 and I'm still in the learning stages. In trying to reproduce some of my favorite X3 live tones I need to use EQ. Last night I became very frustrated with the lack of Line 6 documentation for EQ parameters and responses; the "trial and error" method was really trying my patience. Needless to say, your documentation plus MeAmBobbo's website (which is great!) posting is like a breath of fresh air! I agree with Astroth_CY's comment - Line 6 should be paying you for doing their work. Line 6: Great products MINUS adequate documentation = mediocre service! Invest in the time to better help your customer base, most of us don't hold degrees in sound engineering. P.S. Still like your products.
  2. I'm in the process of purchasing an HD-500 from Musiciansfriend. Due to a delay in shipping I called their customer support. According to Musiciansfriend's CS, Line 6 has discontinued production on the HD models and only in-stock supplies are left to purchase. Can anyone validate this? Just wondering if I finally decided to purchase just before the release of a new model...hmmm, just like I did when I purchased my X3L just before the HD models came out.
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