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  1. i have purchased quite a few line 6 products. i now have reservations about anymore tho......... no support for firehawk 1500. people in this forum ask for help from moderators and no replies are given. i can't tell if my amp needs a firmware update or not. my android phone app seems to think it does, but it is an app for a floor effects pedal, not the amp. i don't know if i am missing something. i spent $1000 on this thing and the interface to control it is bug ridden. this is coming from a company that is based around computer software. i just don't get it. my windows 10 pc won't recognize my amp going thru the installed updater, i hooked it to the usb port, and nothing at all in the "select device" window. if a moderator sees this please contact me. but i won't hold my breath.
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