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  1. I meant changing between presets - I have Preset 1A with a Blackface Pre and Preset 1B with an AC30. However - It's solved! I only have that issue in HD500X Edit. Once I disconnect the POD from the computer everything's running as I expected. Thanks, Dennis >^..^<
  2. When I go from a Class A/B amp preset like a Blackface to a Class A preset like an AC30, I have two issues: Dramatic Volume difference that I'm unable to control - I've tried adjusting presets to the same relative volume and saving, but I still have a huge volume jump going into Class A. Is this because of the topology and wattage change? Is there a solution? Loud popping noise - same scenario. I don't get it when the presets have the same topology. I'm wondering if I can use the DT25's two channels, one for each class, controlled by the HD500X? Would that avoid the issue? I play Praise & Worship music, which is dominated by Fender & Vox tones, so I would like the flexability, but I can't have these issues in front of 1200 people on a Sunday morning.. Any experience with this? Do you know how to set it to resolve these? Thanks, Dennis >^..^<
  3. Awesome. Gator is right here in Tampa, US made. We use them for our live sound gear (mixing, racks, lighting, etc.) Thanks!
  4. I'm expecting a new HD500x on Friday, but I've played with them and owned several of the Kidney bean shaped PODs in the past. As mentioned before, I think of think of the factory presets as a starting point to show what the unit can do. With my old PODs and my Fender Mustang, most of the presets are way too effects heavy for me, so I just make my own with the GUI on my PC. It's fun and you learn alot about the guitar signal chain by trying different effects, settings and placement of amps and effects. Dennis
  5. My son called and my head & Cab arrived today! Can't wait 'til quittin' time!
  6. Anyone have suggestions for a good bag to carry around my new HD500X? Nylon with pockets for cables? Thanks, Dennis (New DT-25 & HD500X owner)
  7. I pulled the trigger yesterday and went ahead and got an HD-500X and a 50ft AES/EBU cable for the L6 link. I'll get the DT-25 Head & Cab Thursday and should have the HD500X by Monday. I prefer tube/analog stuff, but I also love the programmability and exactness of digital modellers (hence the Fender Mustang III), so I'm keeping my fingers crossed this will work out well. I've been carrying around a 50 pound Fender Blues Deluxe 1X12 and/or a 70 pound Mesa/Boogie Express 5:50 2X12 for the last five years, so I opted for the Head/Cab over the combo to ease the back strain a little :) Psyched for the brown truck to arrive!
  8. I have one of those for my Fender Mustang III, but mine isn't TRS - it's a regular 1/4" Speaker cable.
  9. Hello everyone, I bought a new DT25 stack today, and I need to get a footswitch. Before posting I searched the forum and saw several posts saying "any two button footswitch will do", but I also read posts that people had issues with their two button switch, so . . . Does Line 6 make a footswitch for this amp? (please don't answer with HD-500, that may be a next step, but I'm not there yet :) If not, what switches do you guys use successfully? What do you recommend (make/model)? Thanks, I appreciate the help! Dennis
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