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  1. good deal , hopefully this weekend I'll get a around to it ... i've never messed around with workbench. , so I should have a fun play day.
  2. thanks for the help ... much appreciated . shoot me a line if you run the across the location of the Variax patches .
  3. I would like to know if the IR's are already included in the presets , or do I have to add them into the helix IR banks before they work. also I bought the Megapack but I don't see any Variax specific patches .
  4. OK so I figured it out you have to actually double click on the written name , not the icon . what a dummy ... i'll leave this post here though just in case someone else has trouble with it .
  5. i'm saying when you log into Line 6 for anything ... you should be able to go to any Line 6 subheading without having to log into each individual place . if I am logged into custom tone I should be able to go to ideascale without having to login again . get everything under the same roof .
  6. when I click on a path too create a new block I get a blank white square ... and it opens up options down on the bottom of the screen for the different types of blocks available . but no matter what I do it will not turn the blank white square into a usable block . it just remains an empty white square for instance : I select distortion > then mono > then Teemah ... which gives me a picture of the Teemah .... but when I click on it nothing happens ... I have tried double-clicking it , right clicking it , try to grab it and drag and drop it .. nothing works . no matter what I try all I wind up with is a blank unassigned white square . somebody please tell me what I am doing wrong . I am on macOS Sierra if that matters .
  7. and that's just for the Line 6 updater you need a different line 6 login for everything they have ... line 6 updater ,line 6 monkey ,Line 6 custom tone ,Line 6 ideas , etc. etc. you should be able to get one line 6 login and password and have it work for everything . come on Line 6 ... this is the 21st-century ... does it really need to be this difficult and convoluted .
  8. to recap , I have learned the following : it is not necessary to record a dry stereo signal ... because it can easily be turned into stereo in the re-amping process . but if for some reason I absolutely feel the need for it ... I can do it with a combo of the dry signals from USB 7 and USB 8 , recorded onto a DAW stereo track ... Logic Pro X in my case . thanks to everyone for their helpful responses .
  9. i'm not quite sure how or when the Helix outputs a stereo signal ... whether it's a routing thing or if it depends on the actual preset/patch ... or even a combination of both . but i know there are some presets/patches where I can actually hear the effects panning between left and right and the stereo field in my studio monitors via the XLRs . so my main question is can I get the dry stereo signal from USB 7 ... or would I need some kind of combination with USB 7 and USB 8 . or would I just need to turn the dry USB 7 mono recording into a wet stereo effect during re-amping .
  10. but do you use the Helix driver or not ... should I keep it installed or remove it .
  11. I do have one more question about the Hekix driver warning : IMPORTANT! Installing the Helix Mac Driver 1.00 Public Beta precludes using Helix with the class-compliant OS X Core Audio driver. what does this mean in English ... can I still use Logic Pro X to it's fullest extent ? can I still use all my plug-ins ? exactly what functionality am I losing here , I don't understand what this warning means .
  12. ding dong the witch is dead !! winner winner chicken dinner !! I would have mentioned that I use Variax guitars ... but I didn't think it mattered ... because even when I shut the Variax function off ... and just used it as a normal guitar , I still wouldn't get any signal . I understand now ... the dry source is not respective of what instrument I'm playing , it's what physical input i'm using on the back of the Helix . and since I'm using the VDI cable input I have to use Variax as the source . had I just plugged it in with a guitar cable there would never have been a problem ... but using the variax VDI cable changes the entire situation . datacommando you are a genius !! and I can't possibly thank you enough . cheers -n- beers !!!
  13. thanks for the response datacommando , although re-amping is my ultimate goal ... just getting the dry signal recorded is my primary concern ... I could re-up all day with plug-ins if I have to ... but I still need dry signal from helix. no matter what I try I cannot get the dry signal from helix into logic Pro X MY SETUP The helix global settings are USB 7 and USB 8 for guitar and mic dry sources I am using factory preset 01 "US Double Norm" Multi input and multi output . in Logic Pro X I have both input and output devices set to "Line 6 helix" (not Helix Audio). I have the track armed and set to input 7 . I get no signal at all from input 7 ... only the processed signal from 1 and 2 . suggestions please .
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