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  1. good deal , hopefully this weekend I'll get a around to it ... i've never messed around with workbench. , so I should have a fun play day.
  2. thanks for the help ... much appreciated . shoot me a line if you run the across the location of the Variax patches .
  3. I would like to know if the IR's are already included in the presets , or do I have to add them into the helix IR banks before they work. also I bought the Megapack but I don't see any Variax specific patches .
  4. OK so I figured it out you have to actually double click on the written name , not the icon . what a dummy ... i'll leave this post here though just in case someone else has trouble with it .
  5. i'm saying when you log into Line 6 for anything ... you should be able to go to any Line 6 subheading without having to log into each individual place . if I am logged into custom tone I should be able to go to ideascale without having to login again . get everything under the same roof .
  6. when I click on a path too create a new block I get a blank white square ... and it opens up options down on the bottom of the screen for the different types of blocks available . but no matter what I do it will not turn the blank white square into a usable block . it just remains an empty white square for instance : I select distortion > then mono > then Teemah ... which gives me a picture of the Teemah .... but when I click on it nothing happens ... I have tried double-clicking it , right clicking it , try to grab it and drag and drop it .. nothing works . no matter what I try all I wind up with is a blank unassigned white square . somebody please tell me what I am doing wrong . I am on macOS Sierra if that matters .
  7. and that's just for the Line 6 updater you need a different line 6 login for everything they have ... line 6 updater ,line 6 monkey ,Line 6 custom tone ,Line 6 ideas , etc. etc. you should be able to get one line 6 login and password and have it work for everything . come on Line 6 ... this is the 21st-century ... does it really need to be this difficult and convoluted .
  8. to recap , I have learned the following : it is not necessary to record a dry stereo signal ... because it can easily be turned into stereo in the re-amping process . but if for some reason I absolutely feel the need for it ... I can do it with a combo of the dry signals from USB 7 and USB 8 , recorded onto a DAW stereo track ... Logic Pro X in my case . thanks to everyone for their helpful responses .
  9. i'm not quite sure how or when the Helix outputs a stereo signal ... whether it's a routing thing or if it depends on the actual preset/patch ... or even a combination of both . but i know there are some presets/patches where I can actually hear the effects panning between left and right and the stereo field in my studio monitors via the XLRs . so my main question is can I get the dry stereo signal from USB 7 ... or would I need some kind of combination with USB 7 and USB 8 . or would I just need to turn the dry USB 7 mono recording into a wet stereo effect during re-amping .
  10. but do you use the Helix driver or not ... should I keep it installed or remove it .
  11. I do have one more question about the Hekix driver warning : IMPORTANT! Installing the Helix Mac Driver 1.00 Public Beta precludes using Helix with the class-compliant OS X Core Audio driver. what does this mean in English ... can I still use Logic Pro X to it's fullest extent ? can I still use all my plug-ins ? exactly what functionality am I losing here , I don't understand what this warning means .
  12. ding dong the witch is dead !! winner winner chicken dinner !! I would have mentioned that I use Variax guitars ... but I didn't think it mattered ... because even when I shut the Variax function off ... and just used it as a normal guitar , I still wouldn't get any signal . I understand now ... the dry source is not respective of what instrument I'm playing , it's what physical input i'm using on the back of the Helix . and since I'm using the VDI cable input I have to use Variax as the source . had I just plugged it in with a guitar cable there would never have been a problem ... but using the variax VDI cable changes the entire situation . datacommando you are a genius !! and I can't possibly thank you enough . cheers -n- beers !!!
  13. thanks for the response datacommando , although re-amping is my ultimate goal ... just getting the dry signal recorded is my primary concern ... I could re-up all day with plug-ins if I have to ... but I still need dry signal from helix. no matter what I try I cannot get the dry signal from helix into logic Pro X MY SETUP The helix global settings are USB 7 and USB 8 for guitar and mic dry sources I am using factory preset 01 "US Double Norm" Multi input and multi output . in Logic Pro X I have both input and output devices set to "Line 6 helix" (not Helix Audio). I have the track armed and set to input 7 . I get no signal at all from input 7 ... only the processed signal from 1 and 2 . suggestions please .
  14. I know this is an old thread but I need to know if this issue has been resolved this is the first time I have ever tried recording the dry signal from the Helix USB channel 7 ... I got no signal whatsoever from input 7 in logic pro x , which was only seeing "Helix audio" not "Line 6 helix" only getting sound in Helix from channels 1 and 2 I am on Sierra , but I am on a 2009 Mac Pro ... so I also tried it on my Maverix and El Capitan drives ... no joy so I just now installed the Helix driver , and followed all the instructions . I now have the "Line 6 Helix" option ... but it still doesn't work , no signal coming in from Helix usb 7 output . and yes I have the Helix global dry output set to USB 7. how can I test to see if there's actually any signal being output from channel 7 ? I realize this is an old thread ... but please feel free to comment ... good , bad or indifferent .
  15. I prefer maple fretboards , so I reworked an ESP LTD MH-103QM maple neck and replaced the original . so i have my hands on my original JTV-89F neck right now ... and the wood measures .768 at the 1st fret and .795 at the 12th fret ... 16 inch radius it is thin , fast and relatively flat ... it's a very nice neck if you like Rosewood .
  16. I was hoping to hear that ... thanks a lot for letting me know .
  17. I know this is an old thread and I apologize ... and I will start a new thread if I need to . to the best of my knowledge there have not been any intentional design changes made to the JTV 59 since the original , but I was wondering if there are any unintended differences between a 2016 model JTV 59 and the 2012 version . was there any year JTV 59 model that had problems - such as the early JTV 69 problems with the bad necks and high e string fall-off . is the fit and finish any better or worse now that Yamaha has taken over ownership and putting Variax guts in their Pacificas and calling them Variax standards . are they doing anything different to the JTV line ? I have a chance to buy a used 2012 JTV 59 ... but it's from a private individual on the Internet , so I can't play it ahead of time or return it . so any thoughts at all on a slightly used (allegedly) 2012 JTV 59 Korean . any and all opinions are welcome and greatly appreciated .
  18. thanx for your quick help Brad ... much appreciated .
  19. I know I missed something somewhere ... so a few questions if I may . 1) where , how do I purchase the latest complete Fremen Big Pack ? could someone please supply a current active purchasing link ... The blog link i went to from the original post in this thread seems very outdated ... only offering 2.01 stuff ... which seems downloadable without buying anything . 2) I am confused as to whether or not this pack includes some Variax presets. thanks in advance to Freman ... or anyone else who might be able to answer these questions .
  20. and you make all the sense in the world - except for the fact that the USB 7/8 outputs are no where's near unity gain ... with my guitar and Helix both cranked to the max , I am only registering -37 into my DAW (LPX) ... I can see a little blip on the meter , but you can't hear anything. SPL doubles or halves with every +6db or -6dB , so therefore USB outputs 7/8 are attenuated to only one-sixth of unity gain. which is no where's near clipping .... and realistically , digital clipping in a 32 bit floating point DAW is not a problem. uber guru has explained that it was designed specifically for re-amping ... but still .. I shouldn't have to add 20db with a gain plug-in just to make it loud enough to record. I totally understand where you're coming from ... we don't want a signal that's too hot , but -37db is ridiculous ... even for re-amping . all that aside ... this thing is awesome for playing live. and thank you very much for responding.
  21. I don't intend to re-amp ... Pod Farm 2.5 sounds every bit as good as anything Helix can do ... especially combined with all the toys found in Logic Pro X . and much easier to manipulate inside the DAW. and of course my computer has way more processing power than the tiny amount of DSP inside Helix. but thank you for the explanation ... at least now I understand what's going on , and why.
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