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  1. right, Line6 don't care about the X3/Mac os x users any more, so what are supposed to do with our kit now they are useless? Just toss them aside and buy the new (completely unreliable) 500 HDX units?
  2. I can install the software, just cannot use it! it sometimes downloads the patches from my X3 Live, sometimes not - stating it doesn't have a driver. Even when it does download them I cannot edit them or create new patches. totally useless. Time to move away from Line 6 I think. From what I can see the new 500HD and HDX models aren't very reliable. Two of my friends have them and use them for gigging and both have had to return units for replacements. One of them has also had to return an M9 twice after failing mid-gig. I'll give Boss a look, or start using my TC Nova system instead.
  3. I have the same issue. Updated all the Line 6 software via Monkey, i'm running Yosemite and can't edit or load patches.
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