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    Can I use 4 output on stage?

    Hey guys I have a question that confused me for a long time I don't have any stereo effect in my chain, all effect is mono. . So, I am using direct out mode XLR L out to PA Mixer And XLR R to a IEM system for myself and other members to listen to ensure my best guitar sound. and I also want to use my 1/4 out L to plug in the Amp/Cab Return as a ampflier (NOT for F.O.H.) Because I want to give the front part of audience just listen only Drums (if we don't use Amp/Cab anymore) But i heard that there is a problem that it will cause the gear break becuz of the "Ground" will be the same between 1/4 and XLR output and it will make "Electricity backfeeding" damage the console and POD HD! REALLY? Can I use 3 output or even 4 output at the same time? Can Someone help me to solve my confusion, and tell me if there's other problem not include? Thx a lot!