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  1. Line 6 has succesfully turned me against music. I'm done with everything related to music now. I even hate listening to it.
  2. Selling all my gear. This company has left a bad taste in my mouth. Line 6 has successfully made me hate music and everything about music. It's not worth the mental issues I've been suffering over GearBox and POD X3 not co-operating with any computer I try to use it with. It's gotten to a point where I cannot continue with music or Line 6....we're talking frustration to the point where after smashing my JTV guitar over my head, I'm still alive, so their guitars ain't useful either. These problems are not conducive to my health at all. I've decided to leave the music business as I cannot continue with these technical problems.....Line 6 blames Apple, Apple blames Line 6, the only way I can get support for Line 6 products is if I buy the new products. Done with music, done with Line 6.....Here's a list. INBOX ME FOR PRICES 2 POD X3 Live units 1 JTV-59 guitar 2 BOSS GT-8 processors 1 Gibson Les Paul Axcess 1 Rickenbacker 660 6 string 1 Rickenbacker 360/12 1 Rickenbacker 360 2 Ernie Ball/Music Man Axis (purple and red) 1 Rickenbacker 620/12 1 Rickenbacker 325 1 Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amplifier 1 MacBook Pro computer (Bought brand new in December)
  3. Gearbox won't work regardless of what I would do. Just bought two used Roland GT8 processors, have on-screen software, and they sound better than my POD X3 with Gearbox. Thanks for the reason to leave the company as a paying customer!
  4. This whole issue is causing major mental instability on my end. I am now losing money and business due to this issue. Where do I go from here?
  5. The whole reason I bought not one but TWO Line 6 POD X3s was because of the on-screen editor. Now Line 6 is telling me to buy their newest product so I can use the on-screen editing. I'm not sure Line 6 needs my money for another unit. Terrible support for a great product. First they discontinued support on the older Variax guitars. Then the XT and X3s. So, if I buy an HD-500X how do I know they won't stop support for that too? I don't support companies that don't keep product updated. LINE 6: Find a way to make GearBox work with the new Mac computers and do it FAST! I will jump ship if you don't. Its amazing how one company could make somebody contemplate leaving the whole music business. I am at this point. FED UP!
  6. If this is the case, would Line 6 reccommend me buying a BOSS GT-xx? As I need a floorboard and do not want to run my laptop onstage with a bluetooth/MIDI board. Very unimpressed with this not supporting their product software.
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