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  1. Hopefully this will help those seeking solution to this same problem, I searched the forum and found nothing.......so hear it is; Two of the slits on the graphite nut had horrible slippage from day 1, UNbeliveable!!!! Mostly the high E string, just from picking the string it would POP right off the frigin nut!! and same for the D string only on bends around 2/3rd fret. Impatiently I started to hack away on it with a utility razor and still, finally I got the strings to stay put BUT now I have bad string buzz and neck and action/springs everything has been adjusted to various positions but....yes, I messed up and cut too deep. I have all the setup the way I like it but the high E buzz persist. Any one have the correct size info. for replacement NUT, so I can just replace it with a better one? I rather buy it my self then have to go through the warranty process and wait. Please HELP, thanx it advance.
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