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  1. On a MAC mini running Yosemite I set up an aggregate device (Presonus RM16ai & AMPLIFi 150) Logic X uses the USB inputs from the AMPLIFi and routes the output to the RM16ai for monitoring I'm able to record the AMPLIFi while Logic is playing a drum track with no issues
  2. Successfully recorded with: Mac mini with Yosemite 10.10.2 Aggregate device driver = Presonus RM16AI + AMPLIFi 150 Logic Pro X Guitar into AMPLIFi direct out USB to Mac Mini (aggregate device channels 53/54) Monitoring via Presonus RM16AI Due to the aggregate device driver the system has 5 ms delay (round trip) but it is very usable/playable/trackable. CSC
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