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  1. Will there be anything cool for the amplifi tt coming?
  2. Just wondering if anybody knows if there is going to be an update with the Amplifi tt remote sometime soon? It's been a while, 6 months now?
  3. I had the amplifi connected to pc via usb. No headphones. The only speakers connected are my logitechs, connected to my pc. The only things connected to the amplifi is my guitar in one end, and pc out the other end.i was trying the recprding via usb. But after finding the latency, i bailed on that idea straight away.
  4. I had my amplifi tt connected directly into my pc, and noticed some pretty brutal latency. With the amplifi tt being an interface, shouldn't it reduce the latency?how can i stop it. my rigs a quad core pc with 8gb ram.i know it can handle it.
  5. I was wondering if I can play along with a streamed song on my Amplifi tt, without it automatically selecting a tone for the song I select. For instance... Today I was wanting to play along to Slayers mandatory suicide, with my own tone, but when the remote brings the selection of tones right after the song starts, it goes from my tone to a different tone.
  6. Today I had it all plugged into my blu ray player, and it all ran like a dream! The quality of my guitar sound was not near as good as my guitar amp, I found it sounded quite fuzzy, and almost like it was coming out of a much cheaper quality speakers. The said system was very close to $1000 Au. But nevertheless, I got it sorted, and am happy.
  7. Yes they are paired, Yes I can see all of the presets, Yes I am playing the songs via the app. With the sound up on my tablet. When I turn the unit off, the music still plays on the tablet, with sound. Why cant it play on the tablet and be able to use the functionality of the presets also?
  8. I hope the picture appears in the attachment.. I had connected from the mains out of the Amplifi tt to the Fx return, there was guitar sound, but no music from my songs from my tablet. Only my guitar coming through.
  9. I did try connecting with the fx loop, no go. I only seem to get the same usual 3 or 4 generic tone suggestions.. But after I have been tinkering a bit, i have come up with some alright tones.
  10. G'day all!. Sorry If this is in the wrong section, I am a noob at this, admittedly. I recently obtained my Amplifi tt, and noticed that the instructions are lollipop. Seriously lollipop. Let me begin... Is there a way to import tones from other line 6 devices to the Amplifi tt? The reason I ask, is because there are very very minimal amounts of Heavy metal tones available for the Amplifi tt.I am a big Cannibal Corpse fan, and have seen many of their tones on earlier line 6 pods (or whatever those things are). Does anybody else have Latency issues when having the unit plugged usb into pc??(could it have been because it was not in the usb3 port?) It would be really lollipoping cool if the Amplifi app could stream so my Marshall amp could have both my guitar, and music coming through. As opposed to now needing to purchase powered rca speakers.
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