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  1. A few more SATA cable configuration attempts (4 cables, 6 ports) and I finally found the one that gives me all my drives and a Disk0. I'm in business. Thanks!
  2. Well, add me to the list of success fixes. I rearranged my SATA drive cables and finally got Disk 0 to show, HX Edit works perfectly. Camelot_One rocks! However, I'm still having an issue booting into BIOS (I realize this is my problem, although I appreciate the assistance received). I had already tried the troubleshooting bootup and I had already tried the AS Rock Restart to UEFI utility. Computer reboots to a blank screen. It's like it's not showing the video of it, but I've tried different video configurations. It's not stuck per se. If I run the utility, it reboots, stuck at a blank screen. If I Ctrl-Alt-Del the computer reboots - so it isn't a keyboard issue and it isn't hardware stuck. It's like it's not displaying the UEFI BIOS screen. Never had that happen before so I'm not sure what is going on. It should have nothing to do with not having the ASRock drivers installed, right? It's a BIOS screen. The only reason I care to get into UEFI is that one of my drives isn't showing in Windows - not unless I use a specific SATA cable configuration (which of course removes Disk0). I'll figure it out...
  3. That's a nice catch. I can confirm that in my situation, Win10 doesn't show a Disk0. I was going to troubleshoot, but I've now run into a situation where I can't boot into the BIOS. Odd, I've had this board running for a few years and have never had an issue with booting into the BIOS. I'm not sure what the issue is. I replaced a drive not too long ago, but I was able to get into BIOS then. I did a fresh install a few months ago and didn't install any of the years-old motherboard drivers, relying on the Win/Intel generics (the latest posted drivers for this mb are from 2015). The only other change is I'm running a different second monitor using HDMI. I don't get a visible POST screen when I reboot and even when I use the motherboard utility to reboot into the BIOS, I just get a blank screen - feels like it's just not displaying, but I've tried removing/adding displays, different display connects. Not froze, it responds to a Ctrl-Alt-Del. Motherboard is an ASRock Z97E-ITX/ac. I'll have to spend some time figuring this out. I know Win10 updates have changed some of the boot routines, but I'm not seeing a work-around yet. But nice Disk0 catch. I would hope this would set Line 6 on the right track!
  4. Just updating my situation to say that 2.9 does not fix this. I have not bought a new graphics card to try that route, the plan was to do a new PC build as mine is 5 years old. But the current economic environment has me holding off. So I may now grab an Nvidia card to see if that resolves. My current system has a Radeon card, although if I use the built in Intel graphics, same issue occurs. I’ve done a fresh win10 install so it’s clearly some sort of hardware glitch, just odd that 2.7 ran flawlessly and no version after that does. Same with Helix Native. I continue to use my laptop as a workaround.
  5. Is anyone experiencing this problem part of the beta testing for 2.9?
  6. Latest Win 10 updates, fresh install, no other apps on my desktop. HX Edit - nope. My laptop, latest Win 10 OS, no problem. Ugh. Nothing special on desktop, i5 Intel, AMD graphics. But Intel graphics also balk. Ugh. Seems like a legacy issue with line 6. Even on my laptop, the resolution of HX Edit looks atrocious, very dated app. Looks years old. Line 6 needs to re-write the app, that's what I think. I'm a 20 year Line 6 fan and the 2.8 update is the first one that wrecked me. And six months later, no joy. Still a problem. That's what's frustrating. Doesn't seem like they care.
  7. I have no issues with connecting my Helix. I can pick as the sound source, I can record in Ableton from USB, I can listen to music generated by my PC through my Helix using headphones. Not a driver issue. HX Edit doesn't run even if nothing is connected. I've since done a fresh install of Win10, tried different graphic drivers and configurations, even plain Intel Graphics on my mobo. All of this was done before any other software or hardware was installed - whatever the quirk is, it's unusual. I'm not saying it isn't something to do with my specific mobo or R9 graphics card, but neither of these is unique - they are common components, they aren't tweaked in any way. Added to this, I acquired Helix Native thinking that would be a solution - has the same issue.
  8. Just adding an update. For other reasons, I ended up doing a fresh install of Win10 on my PC. Fresh install, Windows Update to make sure I had all the latest updates and drivers. I used the MS drivers for my AMD Radeon R9 Graphics card. Installed HX Edit. Same issue. Installed the AMD Catalyst drivers, latest stable drivers (since has been updated twice). Same issue. So I've at least removed any doubt that it was a software or hardware conflict for peripherals. My system is a basic i5 intel system, no overclocking. I was convinced it would work with a fresh install. I've even run my system off the Intel integrated graphics, single monitor, HX Edit still does the same thing. Very odd. HX Edit has such a dated feel to it - probably a resolution issue as it just doesn't look sharp even on my laptop. But I've tried other resolutions on my desktop, no change. Never an issue till 2.8, no issues on my laptop. Hopefully Line6 gets around to fixing soon and doesn't make us wait till 2.9, or worse, 3.0.
  9. It’s not the firmware, it’s HX Edit (doesn’t involve anything being hooked up to USB). Line 6 has recognized there is an issue, nothing special about my Win10 ecosystem. I mean there must be something different, but I’ve done all the normal steps and troubleshooting to look for conflicts. I’m not a PC novice. I can certainly wipe the PC and do a fresh install, but that’s not the point. I’ve run Line 6 software for years on this PC. I’m not running anything on this PC that wouldn’t be common for any recording musician. I’ve disconnected all USB devices. No development apps, nothing pirated, no overclocked hardware, all mainstream PC hardware. It’s silly not to blame Line 6 as it’s their responsibility to ensure their software runs on Win10 machines. At some point they will come out with a fix, proving my point. Or it’s an MS issue. I’m not the only one having this issue, even if it is a small group. The good news is that I’ve gotten so much better at using, adjusting, arranging, and manipulating the Helix without HX Edit.
  10. Crazy, 2.82 still doesn't resolve this. Ugh. Why is a product running on Win10 so hard to fix. It doesn't run.
  11. I'm updated on all drivers. Laptop works fine, so not motivated to spend time on the desktop.
  12. I don't have much time to chase this down. The latest response to my tech support ticket is that Line 6 will resolve in a forthcoming update. No ETA. My specs, for what it is worth. -Windows 10 Pro with 1903 May Update -ASRock Z97E-ITX -i5 4690 -Sapphire Radeon R9 270 -2x8GB G.Skill Sniper DDR3 1866 -Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSD x 2, additional 4gb hard drive -sound: Realtek HD (motherboard), LG Ultra HD (AMD HD Audio) -Presonus AudioBox 22VSL -Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse -Two monitor setup (LG and Dell) Nothing else special, old but solid system.
  13. No similarities that I can see, other than HX Edit not running.
  14. I’m having the same exact issue, just to offer comfort ;). I’m not running Native at all, never have. I’ve tried everything you’ve tried with no luck. I’ve given up, it’s in Line 6 hands at this point. FYI, I’m running AMD Radeon graphics, you are GTX. So it doesn’t sound like a graphics card or driver issue.
  15. I’m hoping Line 6 knows the issue and it’s just taking time to fix. They haven’t engaged with me at all other than to ask what version of Win10 I’m using (the latest). I would have thought they would engage to find out what the common configuration is for those of us having issues.
  16. Thanks for pointing me to that thread. I've updated my graphics drivers, reinstalled .NET framework. Still not working.
  17. I'm curious if anyone else is having the issue I'm having. Win10 PC, used HX Edit 2.7 and other Line 6 products for years, no problem. With the 2.8 (and 2.81) HX Edit, the installation runs fine. But when I try to open HX Edit, the screen isn't normal/black - the application screen is actually a "grab" of my desktop or whatever is open on my desktop when HX Edit runs (like a browser page, desktop with file folders, Word file open). The menus for HX Edit work - but if I select something like Preferences, the app crashes. This is all without connecting my Helix. If I connect the Helix, it crashes without me doing anything. See attached image to show what I see. My Helix is connected using the driver just fine - I can play through my computer, use the Helix as a sound card/source - all like I have before. I've installed HX Edit on a laptop and it works fine - that's my solution for now, but it's frustrating I can't get it to work on my desktop. My Helix updated to 2.8, and 2.81 without any issues. I'm a PC geek - I've tried everything - uninstall, reinstall, turning off virus software (laptop uses the same software and no issues there), minimal Win10 start to rule out a startup app conflict. I've submitted a support ticket, Line 6 says the issue will be addressed in a future update (apparently not 2.81 since I had no success installing that). Clearly, something on my desktop Win10 PC is a conflict - if anyone has figured out what the conflict might be, let me know. I'm on the latest version of Win10, 1903.
  18. I'm having same issue. I've reinstalled HX Edit, tried different USB ports. The Helix is recognized by my Win10 computer, it acts as a sound card as it should. I can hear computer sounds through the Helix on headphones. But HX Edit just crashes when I try to run, whether my Helix is connected or not. When it runs, instead of a black (blank) background in the main screen, it has a snapshot of my desktop, whatever windows happen to be open. Menus show, I can select menus, but if I go to preferences or anything significant, it crashes. If I just leave it, eventually it crashes. If I turn on my Helix, it crashes.
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