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  1. jmcecil

    Helix Bug Reports

    Updated to 2.81 and still can't use HX Edit. As soon as it detects the Floor unit it crashes. If I turn the unit off and just simply try and use a menu in HX Edit, it crashes.
  2. jmcecil

    1.8 VST3 Version no GUI Loads

    Updated to 1.81 and still doesn't work. I'm on the latest NVIDIA drivers for my card. Also, if I install the old 1.7 version it works. There's something f'd up with the entire 1.8/2.8 software. I can't use HX Edit 2.8/2.81 either.
  3. jmcecil

    1.8 VST3 Version no GUI Loads

    Tried in Reaper and Cubase 10. I get the frame, but no gui.
  4. jmcecil

    HX edit no longer works

    The install completely screwed up my Lynx Aurora configuration and hijacked my system and set the Helix to the default audio interface. I had to re-install my Lynx drivers to get it working normal again. HX Edit still doesn't work. I've passed back some basic info to support that they asked for. We'll see where it goes.
  5. jmcecil

    HX edit no longer works

    I have this same issue on Windows 10 and have opened a support ticket. I suggest you do so. It's possible one of the basic suggestions will help you, but it seems there are potentially bigger fish here.
  6. jmcecil

    Helix Edit 2.80 crashes to desktop

    I have no problem with suggestions. But still no go - different ports, different cable (although it's been running for a couple years now just fine and 2.71 worked fine) - I downloaded HX Edit 2.80 installer 3 separate times - I did an uninstall and deleted the actually driver from Device Manager the 2nd two times - The update to 2.8 using the updater worked fine - Updater is not running - I'm not disconnecting my peripherals ... if that's what's breaking things then Line 6 needs to fix their driver. My peripherals include quite a number of keyboards, sequencers, drum machines, FX etc... But again, it's never been a problem before. - Just another complaint .. having the damn driver take over the default audio interface every time I plug in the Helix is a Pain in the lollipop. My audio interfaces all had their names changed by the installation. I had to re-install my Lynx Aurora interface drivers to get it back after the Helix install. Again, I've installed Helix updates for ages without issues like this.
  7. jmcecil

    Helix Edit 2.80 crashes to desktop

    Running as admin didn't help. I've redownloaded 3 times.
  8. jmcecil

    Helix Edit 2.80 crashes to desktop

    Windows 10. My update went fine and the Helix Floor seems to be working fine. But if I try to launch HX Edit, HX Edit just crashes out as soon as it changes from No device found to Helix Floor .. then poof. I tried deleting the existing driver and re-installing. But the same thing happens.
  9. jmcecil

    Qs for live rig users

    I can offer a little insight into the question about wanting to do 4cm vs 2cm. Your pre sections of your good amps will likely sound subjectively "better" for the tones they are known for. For some reason they just have a bit more presence than just using the power section of those amps. However, the 4cm will allow you to use those amps to achieve tones spaces that they aren't that good at. Using a 2cm to fx returns is easier obviously and just using the pres in the helix sounds damn good. I had an old Fender Ultimate Chorus that I bought as a practice amp. It's solid state and stereo. I use the 1/4" outs (mains not send/return) as 2cm to the stereo fx return of the ultimate chorus. That amp always had a great clean sound, but of course absolutely sucked at crunch/distortion. Now, I'd gig happily anywhere with it. It is LOUD, sounds incredible in stereo and I can get all kinds of range out of it now using the pres from the helix. And I think you can pick them up for like $250. My point is that I think for your kick lollipop tube amps with FX returns, I'd do 4cm for recording and letting them shine at what they do best. In that configuration, you add the send/return effect into a slot that decides where you want to send to the front of the amp. They can be send and return only or fx loop for send and return. You can still treat it as 2cm by either putting nothing in front of the send/return and adding helix pres right after, or simply not using the send/return at all and having the output go to the fx loop. If I was gigging with that setup, I'd be tempted just to go 2cm just to make it easy to set up.
  10. jmcecil

    Alternating Switching question

    And of course, 2 seconds after my post I figured out what I was doing wrong. The toggle is working. Thanks.
  11. jmcecil

    Alternating Switching question

    hmm... I've been trying and I can't get it to work. I'll keep trying.
  12. jmcecil

    Alternating Switching question

    Thanks for the response. Can the same switch toggle one on as it turns the other off? I thought you could control two things using merge, but I can't get it to work.
  13. jmcecil

    Alternating Switching question

    I've been working on some 2 preamp patches. Lane 1 is all mono. Lane 2 is all stereo. preamp 1 panned hard left. preamp 2 panned hard right. The two delays are set 100% wet, with 1 repeat, at anywhere from 30 to 50ish ms. It gives a great wide sound. However, it sounds completely different if the 'dark' amp is the delayed amp than if the 'bright' amp is the delayed amp. Both ways sound great to me, but it does sound very different. Also, having both off sounds really fat, but obviously more centered and direct. My question As you can see it was easy to set up to have Simple Delay Left and Right on switches. But what I really want is for one to go off when I turn the other on. Also, I want to be able to have both off. I can't figure out a simple setup to accomplish this (other than snapshots of course). Is it possible and I'm just missing something obvious? I can do the tap dance of off/on .. both on being identical to both off as long as the delay is the same.
  14. jmcecil

    30% off Native

    Worked for me ... $70 is worth it.