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  1. Yep, noticed this too. But mostly it is getting weird when you have saved a patch with when magnetics selected on the Variax since the Helix and Helix Edit do not have the option to 'force' the magnetics. Switching between patches that are forced and not and combination of magnetics selected gets all messed up.
  2. Hello Line6, Can you please make Helix Edit compatible with 4K screens or at least make the font size adjustable. The font size is ridiculous small on the screen, see my attached screenshot. Thx in advance!
  3. I see there is still no reply after 2 months while the problem still exist. I did not had any problems with Win 7 and Win 8, but came after uprgading to Win 10. I think it is a conflict with the 'other' soundcard that did not happen with the previous versions. But anyway it would be nice if someone from Line6 could give a response / update!
  4. I did install the 'new' driver but it not working here. When turing the POD X3 on it works for a short time with distorted sound, within a minute the sound stops, this for the windows sounds (included mp3's, spotify etc.). I have Realtek HD audio as a primary audio device running at 24bits 48kHz. I didn't try the ASIO drivers yet with Sonar. Hope this problem can be solved soon.
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