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  1. A month later is there an update to this?
  2. Yes, I tried fumbling with several bit rates and sampling rates on both input and output devices with no luck.
  3. Thanks for the responses. Setting the sampling rate to 48 kHz did nothing, and I never use PodFarm. All Monkey drivers are up to date.
  4. Hello, I just recently upgraded to Windows 10 and things started getting tricky. When I have my Pod X3 Live plugged in via USB, I can't hear anything if I turn on "listen to this device". I use Audacity to record guitar but now when my Pod is plugged in I get an Internal PortAudio error - could not find any audio devices. Sometimes I use NI Guitar Rig 5 or IK Amplitube 3 for additional effects but both ASIO and WASAPI input show Pod as "not connected" on them. My Pod driver is and I use generic Realtek High Def audio drivers. Tried reinstalling both to no avail. Happy to provide additional details if needed.
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