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  1. I know I'm necrobumping this, but I ordered a 3ft Durapatch from Rapco (should have been a 6) to use at home with my fbv right in front of my amp and definitely think a longer one would be great for stage... I'm also looking to mod my fbv and my amp with som ethercon jacks. I didn't have any luck with the forums on finding anyone that's attempted this, but I figure since I'll need a new fbv (2 switches don't work) I might as well Frankenstein it. http://www.amazon.com/Rapco-Horizon-DURAPATCH-30-30-Feet-Stranded/dp/B00G8Y7EO2/ref=sr_1_8?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1400338669&sr=1-8&keywords=Durapatch+rj45
  2. Hey guys – got a question for the BrainTrust! I’m currently playing through a Spider Valve Mki + Mesa 5881s and over the years it’s severely changed my taste in tone. Coming from a metal core band running my (then new) PodXT Live into the power section of a DSL 100 and most recently fronting a wedding/cover band as a vocalist (guitarist on occasion): I’ve got a wide base of tonal preferences. I guess my taste in champagne is the only thing that grows up, haha! I digress… Yesterday I used a DT-50 212 (I don’t really like the sound of the Mkii) to try out a handful of guitars but instead of finding a new axe to have on my list, I’m wanting more out of my rig. The whole experience got me wondering: What are some differences between a DT50 + POD HD and an Axe FX + a tube power section? Not the obvious Google-able specs, but some real tonal/feel differences & totally opinion based. Smashing my distortion pedal on as a kid was great, but now I’m in love with the warm characteristics and nuances I’ve gotten with my Mki. For instance the “usegtrvolume†patch really brings out the qualities in my Paul and started changing my approach to playing in ways as well. My main concerns are: Does the Axe FX have the ability to really emulate the subtleties/feel? Would the POD HD change the responsiveness and feel of the DT amp? Does the POD HD store amp channel EQ settings, or just effects and analog configurations? I really loved the DT. I didn’t spend too much time messing with settings/EQ, but definitely know that there’s a pretty deep pool of capabilities and sounds… In fact, my tonal tastes have me wanting a new guitar that has some variance in pickup selection/sounds (not a Variax, but maybe something with the EB GameChanging tech). Anywho, thanks in advance for the insight!
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