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  1. Ok, this is my whish list for the next Helix Floor: 1) I believe that one of the strengths of the Helix Floor is the fact that it has an excellent number of Sends / Returns, this makes it unique in the world among the currently existing pedalboards. So this is my Wish/request: add a total of 6 Mono Return Jacks on the rear panel, so we can use up to 3 Stereo Fx pedals within Helix 2 ) Add Studio HD Reverb types and not yet other low to medium quality guitar pedal reverb types : It would be great to have the famous Yamaha reverb rack units, as well as reverb models of the Lexicon or Eventide rack units
  2. tron2012


    Hi guys, I'm new here what is the best place where can I write to Line6 engineers to ask for some new features to add in the next Helix Floor unit? Thanks
  3. Hello people, I love the Variax Bass model ( I don't own it) but I would like to see a new updated model,is there any hope to ask a new Variax bass instrument? It would be a dream for me is there a way to ask that to Line6 Staff?
  4. Please more Bass Amp/Cabs and Mic models, we need them Add to the HX Stomp the support for 1 Expression pedal + Dual Footswtich like the Boss FS-6 at the same time Thank you so much!
  5. Hello guys, it's my first new post here Ok, well, I have some important questions about the HX Stomp Dual FootSwitch/ Exp pedal connections On the rear panel I see a jack Exp 1/2 FS 4/5, my first question : 1) Can I use a double FootSwtich + the Expression pedal? For exapmple, let's say a Boss FS-6 (that I own) and an Exp pedal . I ask that because on the manual I see only the connection example of two Exp pedals, but not a combo of FootSwitch + Pedal...would it be possible? 2) The Exp 1/2 FS 4/5 jack on the rear panel has a TRS connection, so two signalscan be feed,as shown on the page 42 of the manual . In the same page I'm looking to the " One Expression Pedal" it uses only the tip, my question: by using an Y cable inserted into the HX Stomp can I have the TIP connected to the Exp Pedal and the RING to a single Boss FS-5U ? 3) Does the Line6 FBV2 work with Hx Stomp? 4) I have a Line 6 EX-1 Expression pedal, does it work with HX Stomp? Let me know Thaaank you so much!!
  6. tron2012


    Hi folks, today after listening for 100th time to the " The Sixteen Men of Tain", I'm asking to myself if there would be a way create a preset on my HD500X to layer the sound so that the first 3 strings will have an added sound (as already often seen on the Roland GR series ). For instance, let's say to have one only sound within the preset ( a reverbish sound) but when I'll play the first 3 string I will have the addition of a synth-like sound, found only on these specific strings and not on the other ones. Maybe is it possible only with the GK + Gr unit?
  7. Any suggestions? Thanks in Advance
  8. When I'm using a single 1/4" jack Out, it would be better to use a TS or a TRS jack cable? Is the HD500X capable of reamping?
  9. tron2012


    Hi to everyone, since I've decided to use my HD500X as the default soundcard for my laptop, some problems are started too. I'm using my HD500X as the device for both recording and playback, but everytime that I use it in Cubase 8 pro, my Windows 8.1 crashes always! after one minute or more. I see a sky-blue screen, with this message : " DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (L6PODHD5SE64sys), then everything is restarted. It happens Everytime, also, some other times, my system crashes with some different bug/error system messages, but I've still not been able to write them down. What can I do?
  10. So, the L6 Link Output can't output any sound when the HD500X is used as a soundcard. If I understand right, it will be possible only with the HELIX. Another question is this : when I use the HD500X as a soundcard, can I have the sound output from 4 physical OUTS at the same time? : 2 XLR + 2 1/4" jacks With the same matter, how does it will be the difference compared with the HELIX ? Also, I guess that the HELIX will allows a fast and simple Reamping,right?
  11. Hello, when i'm using my HD500X as main default soundcard device, I've noticed that it doesn't output any sound at the L6 LINK connector on the rear panel (connected to my StageSource L2T), I can listen to the sound only when I'm using the 1/4" OUT connectors , why? Is it the same on the HELIX ?
  12. Hello to everyone, I want to create some multi-tap and/or texure ambient delays with my HD500X, any suggestions or ideas? Let me know Thanks a lot
  13. tron2012

    Bass pack

    Ok, I've made a lot of patches and sounds with my present Firmware version, I don't want to lose them, what are the procedures to follow to update my HD500X to the latest 2.6.2 without loosing the patches that I created? Let me know, Thanks.
  14. tron2012

    Bass pack

    Hi guys, If I'd buy the new HD Bass pack for my HD500X, am I forced to update my POD HD to the v 2.6 Firmware version? Let me know, Thanks.
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