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  1. Forgot to add that it worked in MainStage too
  2. Avanveld, I think some people forget that people are asking because they need to upgrade to macOS 11 for say, employment needs & don’t own a 2nd MacBook.... Anyways, I can confirm that HX Native runs is pretty close to stable in my experience & with my laptop (2019 16” MacBook Pro), But there’s reasons why I’d say wait/go another route depending on your needs. Using live? - No. Don’t upgrade yet & 100% wait for L6 to give their clear. Not using live? - Yes (read on though) If you don’t use it for live situations & really need macOS 11 then do a macOS dual-boot & test away. This is by far the safest option *** https://tinyurl.com/y6b6o29u ***If install HX N on macOS 11 & you run into issues DON’T BOTHER L6 SUPPORT!! They won’t help you (rightfully so) as it’s currently not supported.
  3. Hey there... yeah I’ve been running macOS BS (<— cracks me up each time) & and it ran fine for me. The biggest issue my MacBook had was HX edit .Once I got my Helix LT I obviously wanted to use, it ultimately ran fine & you could use it, However it would spike my cpu to 100-150% as soon as I’d interact with the interface..... And my MacBook is no slouch either. edit: I’ve just assumed you’re using Logic/GB as you’d be crazy not too lol... so yeah, can’t speak for VST3 or axx
  4. They owe you nothing...... It’s 4yo board in 2019, Built using internal architecture/code completely differently to Helix (namely the ability to change everything via firmware) You’ve seen the support Helix is getting, figured your boards look similar then decided “Oh thats neat - I want that please, Here's 1/4 what they paid at minimum. I bet half you bought a PodGo quicker than you could “I will never buy Line 6 again!!!"...........So lets do this again Three years down later shall we? I look forward to the same hyperbole, copied from above verbatim no less, about “it's unfair my $400 entry level device won’t receive updates in perpetuity"
  5. Anyone know if there’s an up to date version of this? It’s still great though cheers.
  6. I 100 percent have it running on my Catalina MPB And the version before that.....
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