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  1. 439 I am trying to use Cubase to control my lighting and my guitar floorboards. I have set up scenes using Markers. The start of each scene triggers my pedal board changes and fades one set of lets out and another in / etc. . . I have everything working except how to use my LIne6 HD500 to trigger the Key Command - Locate Next Marker within Cubase. I am using my FS1 button which is assigned to Midi Channel 1 / CC# 51 with a value of 127. Now how do I instruct Cubase to see it and then "Locate Next Marker"? Gorden
  2. It looks like there might be some type of amplification going on at the pickup, there are 8 wires , two look like power. Each pickup has a mini transformer I think. I am looking at someone else's picture and the angle is not perfect. . . . and I will try Vguiitarforums.
  3. I want to use my JTV-59 with the Roland GR-55 Synth, I would like to tap the Piezo pick-ups on the guitar and hardwire them to my Gk-3 instead of using the mag pick-ups. I see that the bridge has a molex style connector, can I tap the wire to send signal to the GK=-3, or will I end up cutting my volume in half by doing so? Please advise.
  4. I am trying to reduce the footprint of my rig and get it all to fit into my car. I use a pair of L2M's, and have found that they almost fit perfectly inside a milk crate, if it weren't for the rubber pieces at the top / bottom of the speakers. Is it possible to remove the rubber part, and be able to put them back on without permanently damaging the speakers? My idea is to modify a pair of milk crates so they stand two-tall (the bottom removed from one of them). This tow-tall milk crate set and would then slide over my L2M Speaker, if I can safely remove the rubber from one end. I can then use this two-set of milk crates as a stage stand for each speaker.
  5. I use a pair of L2M's with my HD500, and they are freakin great, but. . . I wish you put two pole mounts on the unit, one on the bottom and the top. I have a need to mount the units on a a pole, with a small set of lets above the speakers. Is there physical space available for me to put a new hole in the top of the unit and install a mount? or are there electronics in the way. An interior photo or draweing of the unit would be most appreciated so I can make an inteligent decision on how to best mod the speakers. Please advise. Gorden
  6. I need help getting my HD500 to be controlled by Cubase 6.0. I have set up a midi track on channel 1 Cubase and in one of the lanes, changing #CC051 value from 0 to 127, which should turn on FS1. I have connected my PC to an AKAI EIE Midi / Audio with one midi out cable connected to my HD500. I went into set-up on my HD500 and set midi to channel 1. I have confirmed that Cubase sees the EIE on the midi output. But when I play the cubase sequence, nothing happens on the HD500 when it passes the 0-127 trigger point. Is there anything special I need to enable on the HD500 as I have spent far too much time on this trying to figure it out. Thanks, Gorden
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