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  1. rwhitney

    HX Stomp USB to Mac Audio Output?

    I use the HX Stomp primarily for practice through a guitar amp, but would like sometimes to take it straight into my iMac's USB without having to fire up the amp (among other things). My iMac goes out digitally to a DAC (a DAC without an ADC isn't seen by the computer, btw, so can't be configured in Audio MIDI Setup -- but there's no need to do that anyway), then to my studio monitors (Dynaudio BM6As), not computer speakers. It's a lot more work to patch the HX Stomp's analog outputs into the system than it would be to just go in USB and set the computer's input to the device, leaving the computer's output on Digital Output. It requires me to connect two cables to the Stomp's analog outs, set them to line level, route the signal into another interface, etc. I like the HX Stomp for a convenient single source for guitar effects, but it would have been even better if it were plug-n-play with the computer. That said, it's not so much the fact that it can't be done but rather that the user manual is unclear about it.
  2. rwhitney

    HX Stomp USB to Mac Audio Output?

    It's disappointing for sure.
  3. rwhitney

    HX Stomp USB to Mac Audio Output?

    So, it turns out it can't be done at this point. The HX Stomp only communicates with itself; you have to use it's analog outputs to monitor. Line 6 Support explained it to me in an email: "We apologize for the confusion on this. When the HX is connected to your Mac it is taking over the sound card like an audio interface. This meaning you will need to have a monitoring source plugged into the HX such as headphones, speakers or an amplifier. Please note all audio will be routed through the Helix such as notifications, YouTube ect. " Sincere thanks for all of your generous attempts to help!
  4. rwhitney

    HX Stomp USB to Mac Audio Output?

    Thanks for that detailed response! -- but nothing works. :( Input/Output devices are set in Settings, Audio MIDI Setup, home menu bar selections, whether using "Class Compliant: default or the Helix 1.0.5 Mac Audio Driver. Input recognized in settings, but no audio out to internal speakers / digital out. Is there a way to access or set the HX Stomp's sample rate? How can you tell what it's running at? I'm going from the headphone/digital output of my iMac to a Lavry DAC. The HX Stomp doesn't switch the computer's output to 48k as it should, so the HX and the mac aren't sync-ing.
  5. rwhitney

    HX Stomp USB to Mac Audio Output?

    Hey, thanks for your reply. Do you know for a fact this can be done? Have you done this? 1. "Take a look at Audi MIDI Setup (Mac application) and see if you can assign your input and output there." I've done this, and yes, both input and output are assigned: input=HX Stomp, Output=Built In Output in the Audio Devices window (as 24-bit 48k) (This does not change the iMac's digital output from its default 44.1k to 48k) 2. "Take a look in the Audio Devices window, and you can assign stuff in the left panel. And check out the USB Audio section in the Stomp manual to make sure your USB audio is set up correctly." Under USB Audio, the manual only talks about connecting output through either the HX Stomp or through a DAW. It says Computer Output / Destinations are: USB 1/2> HX Stomp Main L/R ; USB 3/4>HX Stomp stereo SEND ; USB 5/6> HX Stomp Input block. Nothing about the computer's audio output.
  6. rwhitney

    HX Stomp USB to Mac Audio Output?

    Is there a way to hear the HX Stomp directly through my mac's speakers/digital output when connected via USB? Connecting an HX Stomp to an iMac running OS 10.13.6 High Sierra via USB shows an audio input level in the system Sound input settings window but I'm not getting audio through the selected output: Digital Output. If I select HX Stomp as output, I hear it through the HX Stomp's headphone output, as indicated in the manual. Does the HX Stomp only output to itself, or is there a way to get it to play through the mac for practicing without going through a DAW? I've installed the Helix Driver 1.0.5 thinking that would make this possible, but no dice. UPDATE: I learned from Line 6 support that this can't be done. You have to use the HX Stomp's analog outputs.
  7. rwhitney

    HX Stomp Hum when used on it's own

    Having the same problem. Makes practicing with headphones maddening.