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  1. Thanks. After giving this some thought, I think the best and most efficient switching option will be on the Custom knob on the Variax while playing on the same patch. That will be cool feature to have in the future but not sure what the latency impact might be.
  2. I am looking to use a one of the Helix footswitch to call a certain guitar model stored in my JTV Variax? Thanks.
  3. I have just updated my Helix to firmware 1.06 and I am seeing intermittent disconnection between the Helix software and Helix on Mac OS X 10.11.3. This also occurred with Helix firmware 1.04.03 too. Pretty annoying!
  4. Has anyone found a way to Helix call on a preset on the Variax guitar via one of the footswitch? I am connected via VDI between the Helix and the Variax JTV89F. Thanks.
  5. I have a Mission Engineering EP-1 too after reading that others are using it fine, I wanted to share my odd issue with it. Connected to the Helix, I have found that the heel position is correctly set at zero but it reaches 100 at midway and then back to zero at full toe position. Anyone seen this issue or is it me? I have tried the pedal with my HD500x and it works well as expected. I have also changed the cable a few times without resolution. I wishing the Helix as a manual expression pedal calibration setting. Any ideas?
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