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  1. Hello all I am new to home recording and need help. I bought a UX2 user interface from a pawn shop a few years back in hopes of getting somewhere. My question is can it be used with other recording software or is it strictly for use with Line 6 software? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks Eric
  2. I just recently got an X3 Live and I'm planning on running it through my Spider Valve HD100. How exactly do I run it...through effects loop? I'm still learning how to do this properly
  3. I'm curious if there are any hacks, tweaks, mods or upgrades that can be done to the spider IV 150 head. I've got one and thinkin about gettin another if they can be modded or tweaked
  4. I've got a spider valve hd100 mkii and I am wanting some ideas for modern metal tones. I thought when I bought it, it would have the same settings as the mki but it doesn't have any of the artist settings. I really like the bumblefoot and riggs settings. anybody know the exact settings and what not for those. I'm open for any and all ideas!! Thanks Eric
  5. So bought a Spider Valve HD 100 MKII and was kind of confused, I for some reason was under the impression it had the same patches as the Spider Valve HD100. They patches are totally different, there aren't any of the artists settings at all or any good metal settings. Looks like I'll be tinkering with it lol...anybody have any good settings they would like to share??
  6. So I am curious if anybody has any settings they would share for a good metal tone for the Spider Valve HD100 head? I like some of the factory tone settings on it but was curious if anybody has created something a little different that would be interesting to try
  7. I bought a tone port ux2 from a pawn shop and I am wanting to be able to record ideas of riffs at home. I downloaded monkey, pod farm 2 and the updater. when I open pod farm 2 it says I have to buy a license and can only run it in trial mode. Where do I buy a license on the website?
  8. I'm currently trying to find somewhere to get ideas for good rock/metal tones fpr my head. Anybody got any settings they wanna share or ideas?
  9. I've got a pod xt live that I'm trying to figure out how to create a punchy, ballsy rock rock distortion tone. I am wanting something that will give me a hella hard tone but not quite metal. Any help will be appreciated..thanks. Eric
  10. So I go from the out port from my XT Live to power amp in on the head....do I still plug guitar into the XT Live??
  11. which is FX loop... preamp out or power amp in?
  12. I've got a Spider Valve HD 100 that I am wanting to play my Pod XT Live through but I'm not quite sure how to do it. if anybody can help me with this I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Eric
  13. I just recently purchased a Spider IV 120 with the MKII foot controller. I am wanting to download some new tones from the Line6 website. What do I need to do so and how do I go about doing this? Any help would be very appreciated, thanks. Eric
  14. I'm in the same boat, except I'm wanting to create some killer metal tones.
  15. I've got a Spider IV 75 that I'm wanting to learn how to create some killer metal tones. I like some of the presets on it but would like to learn to create more metal tones. I dont have the footswitch (yet) to download tones off the website, but I know you can cretae some with out it. Does anybody know any websites to look at for ideas for good metal tones? Thanks Eric
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