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    Error 8727

    Hello did you manage to solve this? I have the same problem after installing Helix Native in my Reason ( Mac ). I am desperately waiting for some response from Line 6 staff. I would be sad for spending some 120 EUR in vain... Ludek
  2. hello, some two hours ago I purchased Helix Native and with some problems /vst3 incompatibility in Reason/ I have installed it. When I wanted to active it among my other vst effects, it said that I had exceeded number of computers on which Helix Native is installed (?) The system directs me to my Line6 account to activate Helix Native. When I use the authorization code I received in my purchase conformation, I receive error message with statment “your authorization code has been redeemed”. I feel helpless as the tickets I openen in L6 support page shall be treated as long as after 3 working days but I want to use my purchased software asap. Any advice please? Thanks Ludek
  3. To be more specific - I have Variax Standard and especially patches by Arislaf are really better than the original ones
  4. I use them as the HD ones, not sure if they work with the older WB.
  5. Hello, I perfect source for Variax Workbench patches ( that are praised by many users including me..) can be found at Vguitarforums.com section: Line-6 Variax Variax General Discussion 656 Posts 94 Topics Last post by admin in Re: JTV- Mag Pickup Swap... on February 10, 2019, 05:03:58 PM Variax Top things to know 423 Posts 59 Topics Last post by cbeattyjr in Swampy groove with Varia... on March 11, 2019, 12:46:51 PM Tyler Variax WorkBench HD Patch Exchange To upload patches, simply hit "New Topic" (see tab on upper right) - and post a description of your patch and add it as an attachment or download the tones you want.
  6. Hello I had the same problem and re-installation of the latest firmware solved it. Ludek
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