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  1. I'm about to try to daisy-chain a pair of Helix floors together using S/PDIF. I will be able to run guitars, vocals, bass, etc into a Singular Sound Loop Studio linked to a Beat Buddy and use all the FX outs to run specific amplifiers for an installation... when the lockdown finishes obvs.
  2. I posted this idea on TGP (pg 962 Line6 Helix discussion) yesterday and got a few thumbs-up so I'm brining it to your attention for consideration. I've set up a patch that switches between the two Matchless channels, all associated with one foot-switch on an either/or basis: would it be possible to change the scribble script from Matchless Ch1 to Matchless Ch2 when I switch between the two channels? There were a couple of suggestions from folk who answered that seemed not be outside the realms of possibility.
  3. I would personally love your guys to model a Roger Meyer Voodoo-Vibe in all its glory. Though I would imagine it would use a lot of processing.
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