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  1. Hate to say it but I feel the need to! The last guitar I got from Sweetwater (PRS) was "set up" by them before they sent it to me and it was a complete wreck. I ended up having to spend money to get it set up - and I'm not talking about "because of my 'preference'". The floating bridge was fully pegged against the body (not level), the neck relief was not correct and the lower strings buzzed aweful. These retailers really need to leave stuff alone in their factory "sealed" condition.
  2. Hi everyone, I purchased a new JTV-69S back in late November 2014. Everything was totally fine except one of the 12 String acoustic models which was really weird and one of the T-Model (position 5) was significantly louder than the other ones. I updated the firmware (which I believe was 1.8 originally) to the latest version. The T-Model volume level issue was fixed, the Spank models sound horrible (and I really liked what it came with 1.8), with the Chime bank all 5 positions sound exactly the same and are horrible and the Semi bank also sounds weird. I reflashed the guitar as the Monkey software is capable of doing so but the Chime and Semi banks are still weird (they just don't sound right). Should I: - continue to reflash until it's right? - use WB to load new patches all around? (and if so, can I trouble you to point me to the right place to get the banks for WB HD) - or should I call Line6 Support? Anyone else experience issues like this? The guitar came from AMS sealed, there was plastic on all the pickups and on the back covers; everything looked new. Thank you!
  3. I purchased my JTV-69S in late November and sent the rebate in early to mid December 2014 and have yet to receive anything!
  4. I would absolutely return it; call someone and yell at them; and then demand that they send you a replacement and give you a further discount for your trouble. I've been a victim of the same thing in the past (from MusiciansFriend) and that is just not right!
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