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  1. Im getting the failed to launch installer when I try to update the drivers.
  2. Thanks for the update and keeping me posted! I'm really out of ideas on what to do I have installed and reinstalled and checked if the drivers needed updating, but nothing has helped.
  3. I reinstalled, but now I get a failure to launch installer that takes me to a website and from there I download it and install, but nothing happens.
  4. I am trying to install the drivers for Podxt on Line 6 monkey and get a "Failed to launch installer" error and it takes me to a website, so when I download the drivers nothing happens. Im also trying to update Line 6 Edit on monkey and it takes me to the download page which is just a bad url link.
  5. I found the old drivers file that I had on a usb flash drive, but it still says the same thing after I installed them.
  6. I recently had to revert back to Windows 8.1 from Windows 10. I reinstalled Line 6 Monkey, but it says cannot connect to Line 6 server and it gave me an error code 80001030. I looked on my device manager and there is an exclamation mark on the Podxt driver, but it will not update the driver. Its says Windows could not find the driver software for your device.
  7. I got it to work! I had to go to my device manager and under Line 6 POD XT it was showing a question mark, so I had to update it from there.
  8. Im having some problems to it takes me to the website to install manually, after that it says it installed successfully, but when I reopen Line 6 Monkey it hasn't.
  9. It said failed to launch installer and took me to the website where I tried it manually, but they won't install. Nothing comes up when it asks me to plug the Podxt back in so I clicked next and it says its installed successfully until I open Line6 Monkey back up and it shows it hasn't.
  10. After upgrading to Windows 10 I am having trouble downloading the Podxt drivers
  11. I just downloaded the Mobile POD app for my Iphone 5c and was wondering how do you turn it off. When i exit the app there is a red bar at the top of my phone that acts like the app is still running in the background. I couldn't get it to go away and it drained my phone battery.
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