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  1. Hi. You probably need to update firmware on the Amp to the latest version - 2.50 :-) There are instructions available in this website. Good luck.
  2. Hi Spike, here is the response I received from line 6: "Hi, it is compatible you have full functionality (bank select, program change, preset names in display) (troubleshooting : try another connection cable,or reset the Amplifi etc, or you have a defective device(s)) the smaller FBV Express MKII is limited in functionality(no bank select)" I haven't tried it yet though. JpW.
  3. I had a similar problem which was my Amplifi started playing track from library every time I turned it on. Solution was to turn off Auto in the settings - might be worth a try.
  4. Thanks Jaguar9080, I'll try that tomorrow.
  5. If anyone can't find the 100 presets, like me until about an hour ago, here's the bit they missed from the manual etc. 1. You need to be up to date with latest firmware on the Amp, and latest version of the Remote App. 2 . You need to have your Amp and App paired, so the App says "connected" and the Bluetooth light on the Amp is steady rather than flashing. 3. On the App, go to the "tones" page (select "tones" from the bottom menu items). 4. on the Tones page, on the top menu bar, you should see your "Amplifi" in the right hand box - select this. 5. Eurika, there they are. Select away and play, and save as you wish to "my tones" etc etc. The key bit is you can't see the 100 presets in the App, unless you are paired up with the Amp. Had me stumped for ages. Now, how do I do all that with my FBV Shortboard???? Happy playing. JpW.
  6. Hi Deajo, I Couldn't help noticing you said you had got the 100 presets. Where are they? All I can find is the listing in the manuals section of the website. Any help appreciated.
  7. Update. I did the Firmware and App updates as suggested - bit of an issue with Windows 10 that failed to do the firmware update, but did it successfully with an Apple Mac. All seems to be working now, so I'm happy again. Thanks for the advice.
  8. I had the same question, but Line 6 confirmed to me that the Pilots Guide and Presets List is all there is. So it's up to us customers to find out the detail for ourselves. I've found the forums and the videos quite helpful though. Good Luck.
  9. Thanks Jaguar 9080. I have already ensured blue tooth is on, and 100% sure the app, amp and iPad are paired ( I can play my backing track music from iPad through Amp fine), and App clearly says "connected". But still no control over the tone output from the Amp. I'll have a look at the firmware as suggested by Triryche. Cheers both, and fingers crossed.
  10. Hi. Can anyone put in simple terms (for a non software developer) what do I do to make my remote app and Amplifi 75 work. I have the latest app, iOS9 on my iPad2. Everything works ok, but nothing will change the tone on the amp. So I am stuck with the 4 very average preset tones. HELP please. Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, but as I said, I am not a software developer so need average-Joe friendly step by step instructions. Thanks for any advice, as I am pretty disappointed at the moment. John.
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