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  1. Hi Rob, make sure that when you have the App opened, you log into your Line6 account before connecting Bluetooth to the Amp. I Had the same problem when I started, and that seemed to fix it. Good Luck. JpW.
  2. I agree, had same problem myself, and logging into the account in the App fixed it. JpW.
  3. Hi Julian. My 75 works fine, I also have FBV mark 1 foot pedal, and G10 Relay, iPad Air, and iPad 2 all hitched up to it. I agree it seems there are a lot of unhappy people out there, however I have found Line 6 good at resolving issues - but only if you raise a support ticket - they won't help if you just post on the forum. Happy decision making. JpW.
  4. Hi Myles, I've had my 75 for a while now and seem to remember having the same problem. The fix for me was that I hadn't logged to Line 6 through the App. It took a minute or so to fully connect and has been fine since then. It's a pity there isn't a "you haven't signed in" warning, because the app does seem to run without doing so, except the tones don't work. If that doesn't help, raise a support ticket. Good luck, JpW.
  5. Hi Sorry to hear of your problems. The only way to get help from Line 6 is to raise a Suport Ticket - go to Technical Support. They did help me sort out a different problem and replied in couple of days. Good luck, don't give up, the Amllifi is great (when it works) JpW.
  6. Hi, I had a similar problem when I first started with my 75, all connected up but had no control from App to Amp. Solution was I had opened the app but not signed into my account. Once signed in, problem solved. Good luck with yours.
  7. If you still have problems, raise a Support Ticket.
  8. Did you raise a support ticket? It's the only way to get a formal response.
  9. Hopefully everyone who is posting their problems, are also raising tickets with the support team and getting their issues resolved? Perhaps if this aspect was more transparent to all customers this will help stop the accusation that Line 6 don't help?
  10. Hi, I agree wholeheartedly. I have posted before in a similar way. I have an Amlifi 75, which seems to work fine, but I am conerned for all the people who post problems with theirs. Line 6 replied to me that there were tens of thousands of customers not posting problems, so everything must be OK! I am particularly concerned for those who don't have English as their first language, who struggle to explain their problems - what chance do they have of getting a solution? When people spend their hard earned money on a product, the least they should get is an item that does what it says on the tin. It is not reasonable for anyone who buys any product to find it doesn't work or has faults. Line 6 - are you sure your quality control and product testing is sufficient? I am a fully qualified Lead Auditor, and this forum of ongoing and similar complaints does not suggest an effective system to me.
  11. Hi, my FBV shortboard mk1 works a treat, preset selection and volume. JpW
  12. I am a keen fan of manuals, not for the "how do I use it" but for the "trouble shooting". It's good to have a hard copy to read while following instructions, and to jot notes on if needed. JpW.
  13. Hi, sorry to read of your problem. I think other posts in the forum mention a possible problem with high humidity, and the Amplifi not liking that. I expect in Indonesia you do have much higher humidity than in uk where I am. I suggest you raise a Support Ticket through this website and see if they help. Ask them where in the manual they warn customers about high humidity. Good Luck. JpW.
  14. Hi Rich, I have Amplifi 75 and iPad Air. Did the iOS update today, and everything seems to be working fine. How goes it with you? JpW.
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