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  1. i'm using Sonar Producer i want to change snapshots with Midi from my Laptop,there sa video on You Tube of a guy doing it with a different DAW has anybody had any luck doing what i'm doing?

  2. im using the Helix floor unit,i've set a midi track in Sonar X1 Producer going out a Focusrite 2i4 audio interface via Usb,it has Midi outs & Ins on it,in the Midi track i have events setup to change presets,what i'm trying to figure out is how to set up program changes by inserting a controller event to turn on  &off Fx in the Snapshot i've got setup.i've seen a guy on You tube doing this with Logic so i know it, can be done just not sure how to do it in Cakewalk can somebody please help,thanks?

  3. Thanks Johnny. In the past I have always found Line6 support to be helpful, even to the point of replacing a Flextone amp. I forget which one it was but I kept having trouble and they sent a replacement. I guess that is about as good as CS can get! They have earned my trust over the years. I am horrible with GAS... I have to be careful or I'll end up with a Firehawk 1500 or a Helix instead of an Amplifi 75... which is really all I need. Arrrrrggghhh NO, I need all of them 😬 Thanks. I guess I'll call Tim at Sweetwater tomorrow before this actually gets out of hand.
  4. Hi, I've been with L6 since the beginning. The L6 product brochure was my daily reading material in the "library"... I had a Flextone, still have a POD (upgraded software to POD II), a Toneport UX-2, and a Flextone III Plus.. I used to pay a monthly ee to access the online tone program, I forget what they called it but I think it is what preceded Customtone. So, I am invested in Line6 and am a customer. I also have other amps including a Boogie Mark V, but this Bluetooth technology is really appealing. I am thinking of purchasing either an Amplifi 75 or 150 before the end of the month so I can get in on the $100 off sale BUT... dang, I sure am reading a LOT pf posts about this thing not working. Then again I read posts on the Sonar forum about the latest version of Sonar Platinum crashing but it works for me.. so, IDK. I stay current. I use an iPhone 6s Plus and it is running iOS 10. We also have an iPAD and I'm not sure whay iOS it is running, don't use it much so that might be something that will work for me if iOS 10 is not yet working. PLEASE.. if you are using an Amplifi and everything is working OK, let us know. I know that people who are having no problems don't past as much as people with problems and I figure AL of the customers can't be unhappy. So.. what's the deal? Also, I was reading a bit more. I'm hoping that this has been sorted out but I have a Nighthawk router, with two types of WIFI, one is 5k. we keep our phones and laptops on WIFI. I have an iLOUD but it would be turned off when using the Amplifi so I don't think it would be a problem. I just want to know that things are better... anyone? Thank you! Julien
  5. OH... are you running into the input of the Powerblocks? Try running in to the line in on the back (or the loop, I forget) Then the controls on the PB will be disabled and the Helix (POD) will control everything. J
  6. The last L6 product I bought was a Flextone III Plus but I already had a POD II. I also have a Crate Powerblock and run it through an Emi Texas Heat speaker mounted in a tweed deluxe cab, One day I hooked the POD up into the line in of the PB and WOW... I was blown away. It absolutely killed the Flextone. I can imagine how good the Helix sounds through two Powerblocks. I'm very tempted. I also have a Mesa Mark V and can imagine it would be a dream with it once I got it figured out... Let me say, I got here after spending time checking out the AMPLIFi 150 and decided against it after all the sketchy reviews (I do not use iTunes but I do use an iPhone 6s and just got iOS 10... so nah...). It seems to me that L6 has moved past the AMPLIFi to the Helix and the Firehawk 1500. They are still selling the AMPLIFi though, I think they should either make it work right or pull it. I cannot get a straight answer about if it only works with iTunes or for that matter if it works at all... especially now, with iOS 10. Anyway... maybe a Helix is in my future. I do have a Studiocat DAW... it could serve me well. Doing the comparison video test I found that, to my ears, the Helix does not have quite the sparkle and high end of the original amps... close though. I do like the Powerblock, I think everyone should have one (or two). I am glad I came here to read about the Helix after all the angry posts about the AMPLIFi, I am surprised that they still sell it. Julien
  7. Yeah, I know but I'd still like to see it in my products list. I realize it wont change anything but still... you'd think I'd be able to register it. BTW, it still sounds GREAT! I know this is unrelated but FWIW, I sometimes run it through the Line Ins on a Crate PowerBlock through a 1x12 Emi Texas Heat speaker and it really shines. It puts the Flextone to shame. It is still great for DI recording too and with Melodyne Editor I can change it as I please once the track is done... AND, using a Gibson Memory Cable I have a clean part saved on a mini card in the cable. It is a good setup. I still may get the newer Amp Farm though, can't have too many amps!!! Well.. thanks! ET
  8. It is an original POD that I upgraded to 2.0 way back sometime. I bought it new from MARS Music. I don't remember the date, long ago. I've tried in the past to register it to no avail. It has a sticker on the back but does not have a 17 number SN. It begins with PODA then 6 numbers, a space 4 numbers, a space then 00. How might I register this unit? I know I had it registered at one point because.. well, how else would I have upgraded it? My Flextone III is listed and my TonePort Ux-2 is listed. Thanks! I can send the number but I was not sure if listing the SN on a public forum was a good idea, IDK. Julien
  9. Thank you Triryche! I will look into it. I try to stay away from i-Lok, so that would be a non-starter for me anyway. I use a Gibson Memory Cable when recording guitar so I always have a dry signal of everything to add it I want. I'll look at the HW independent POD Farm software. Thanks again! Very helpful! Julien
  10. Don't know if this is any help but I sometimes run my POD out into the R/L "line in" inputs on a Crate Powerblock. The POD takes full control and sounds absolutely stunning. The setup kills my Flextone III DEAD. I run it through an EMI Texas Heat speaker in a Tweed Deluxe cab... So, I'd think if you have "line in" inputs or an FX loop that might be the way to go. J
  11. I haven't bought any new Line6 gear lately, though the Amplifi does look tasty. What I am wondering is what will I gain by getting a new POD Studio UX-2? I own an original, red Toneport UX-2 and have the Gearbox software that came with it. I have an original POD that I upgraded to an POD 2.0. I have a Flextone III Plus. I have a Studiocat Pro Tower computer running Windows 8.1 with a 27" multi touch computer monitor. I normally use a Roland Octa-Capture audio/midi interface and for a DAW I have Sonar Platinum Producer. I have most of the IK Amplitude amp software, a Mesa Mark V that has a DI... I have too many amps but that is another story. I just wanted to give a little bit of info so that perhaps I can get informed answers as to what I would gain with a new Line6 interface.. also is there another Line6 product I should be considering. I am going to buy a new Variax (Yamaha) when they become available. I don't "play out" anymore, I just record and play for my own pleasure so I'm not interested in another stage type amp. Another question, if I may... can two Amplifi 75s be used with Bluetooth as good portable stereo system. With their ability to both play music and be used as an amp.. if I can use two (as right and left channels) I'll be wanting to try that. Thanks for your opinions. jbow
  12. I have been left out in the cold by L6 several times. I have been a customer for a long time. I had a Flextone II, I have a Flextone III Plus, I bought an original POD and upgraded to POD II, I subscribed to Toneport Online, I bought a UX-2 interface, Toneport Online just disappeared one day between logins. I have no support for my POD, the two versions of POD Farm do not work for me. IDK, I am afraid that I will buy one and then find out that one day I have a boat anchor. It looks very interesting and I am likely to buy one at that price. I have a Boogie Mark V combo but it isn't for everything, though it can come close. The Amplifi looks like a perfect amp for jamming along with TV or CDs. I am interested in knowing why the installations of POD Farm I have do not work, are not registered, how to register them or if it is even worth it. I rarely use the X-2, I mostly use a Roland Octa-Capture, it has better preamps and ASIO. If the POD Farms worked it might make a difference. What do you need? More money? I don't know if I should pursue this or not. I'd like some input. This will be no more than a toy for me, a practice tool and something I use for my own pleasure. Thanks, J
  13. Thanks popejoy, I was thinking the same. I found a new product from Amphony. A model 300 Bluetooth receiver/amp, 20hz to 20khz and 40w per channel RMS, about the size of a deck of cards and has regular stereo speaker wire hookups for 70 bucks. I have speakers and can get more... I think it will fit my needs but I still may be interested in a AMPLIFI 150 later to help me learn licks and riffs. Though I don't see how it will compare with the old Toneport Online...
  14. So... you can stream Spotify via Bluetooth through the AMPLIFI? I was looking at getting an iLOUD or a small Onkyo system with Bluetooth mainly for use on a large screened porch. Someone suggested the AMPLIFI, which I had already been thinking about but when I looked at the specs or something on the Line6 page I got the idea that I could only use Bluetooth to play songs that are loaded onto my IOS device. I understand if I cannot pull up tones for playing guitar if I use Spotify but being able to use it as a Bluetooth player with Spotify, playing online albums and Spotify radio is important to me. I want to be sure that I can actually do this with the AMPLIFI. Originally, I was thinking of getting an AMPLIFI 150 to play tunes through and jam along with my Mark V combo.... but if it is limited to playing only what is physically on my device (iPhone 5) that will be a deal breaker. I hope my question isn't too confusing... bottom line, can I stream Spotify albums and radio via Bluetooth through the AMPLIFI ? Right now I am using Amplitude, MultiDaw, Audiobus, and some other stuff for a mobile solution. My main thing in checking this out is to use for something to wirelessly play Spotify while grilling and having a beer... playing guitar through it will be a plus of course but I have plenty of amps... and can use the APP for selected songs if I want to do that. I used to use Toneport Online and loved it... I am a little confused about what it has become, but I'll figure it out. At present I have a Flextone III Pus, an original POD (upgraded to POD II), and a Toneport UX-2 (which I don't think is supported by Customtone... not sure).
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