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  1. Jshimshoski Nope. I'll check it out online. The iRig serves my purposes pretty ok at present, but was hoping-since I read in various places-that the camera connector would work but maybe I was not using the correct Settings etc.
  2. Thanks Simon. I've gone back to using the iRig into the Helix. Gets the job done, but thought the camera connector might be better somehow.
  3. Simon, did you manage to sort out? I have the same issue.
  4. Pb-272, out of interest which ENGL/Mesa combo of Fremen? Was it part of the big pack presets?
  5. cobradog

    Moving Presets?

    Rocco, works!! Thanks!!
  6. cobradog

    Moving Presets?

    Me too!! If this works then it's the answer I've been looking for 4 days running.
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