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  1. M-Audio Midisport UNO is really the only interface that consistently works. I bought one when my Vetta 1 crashed. I reflashed using the Uno and Monkey, replaced the internal battery, the process worked pretty flawlessly except that the results were my Vetta 1 was upgraded to a Vetta 2 and the amp only works for about 30 minutes and locks back up, again. No replacement parts for vetta, no service for vetta. Thanks for nothing, Line 6. I hope you appreciated the thousands of dollars I spent with your company. I decided to spend it on a Marshall combo and a new pedal board. Line 6 is in my rear view mirror.
  2. I'm done screwing with it. anyone wants to buy the whole package, let me know. I'm located in southwest Missouri. I'm selling my 1983 Marshall JCM 800 and both cabinets and replacing this amp with a combo and some pedals. suck it Line 6. thanks for the memories
  3. Thanks, I actually found one and an addendum. Doesn't do me any good, now since my amp still locks up. Thanks for the help, though.
  4. Spoke too soon. Played in church on Sunday. It worked fine in the early part of the service. After sitting for about an hour, went back to play and it was locked up with "Address error" in the LCD screen. Now I can't decide whether to drag it behind my truck until it disintegrates or drop it off of a fire escape and watch it explode.
  5. O.K. You guys have been real helpful, so far. I've got a .pdf version of the Vetta 1 user manual. Anyone have the Vetta II user manual and want to share it with me?
  6. Success !! The new presets that replaced my old ones suck for the most part but I've been able to identify a couple that I can work with. thanks for the help, you guys.
  7. Idiot alert. Had the midi in and out switched at the amp. switched them to the correct connection and the update went through without an issue. I'll now test to see if the amp errors out after a few minutes. Cross your fingers.
  8. got the midisport uno, had to mess with the driver software a couple of times but got it to recognize the Vetta through Line6Monkey. went through the update process twice now and haven't been successful with a complete update yet. the amp never changes (in the LCD screen) from "Ready for software update" to anything else. I'll keep trying.
  9. Hey, thanks for your help. As I mentioned, I really would prefer to just keep this amp and continue to use it. I don't know how long I can continue to keep "duct tape a bailing wire" fixing it, but it's worth the effort. My only other option is to sell my 1983 Marshall JCM 800 2203 stack and use those funds to replace this amp.
  10. I noticed alot of talk about downloading the newest drivers for the Uno, but that was on threads that are now a couple years old. Should I be concerned about the drivers that come with a newly purchased Uno? Also, upon exploring Monkey after installation, I noticed that it didn't list any Vetta amps to connect to. Will this take care of itself when I fire it up while connected to the amp?
  11. DarrellM5 and sliding_billy, I really appreciate your help. Let me ask you this. Does it matter that I'm using a Windows 7 machine and will Line 6 Monkey recognize my original Vetta 1 and update it to Vetta 2? I guess $35 bucks isn't that big of an investment considering if it doesn't work, I'm no worse than when I started.
  12. I have no idea how to reinstall the firmware. I don't have any of the line 6 software or the special MIDI cable.
  13. Thanks for the reply, Brue58ski We actually disconnected everything when we put the battery in place. tested the battery connections to make sure the charge was being detected and then re-connected everything. The amp works perfectly for about 5-10 minutes and then freezes on whatever preset is active at the time. There is still sound coming out of the amp and it conforms to whatever settings are involved in the preset that is active but you can't change anything and the pedals don't work. I can power off and power back on and it behaves the same way. Works for a while and then freezes.
  14. Screen says Adress Error..... I guess i can't figure out how to post a picture. I thought I uploaded the picture with the post, but something went haywire.
  15. Hey, did you ever get your vetta sold?
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