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  1. Pressing and holding to clear the loop plays the 1st second of audio. Is there a CC message that we can assign to another switch to clear the loop in memory?
  2. :-) The Ultimate Guitar - space on the 89F is v limited or I would have added a fish man pickup already. Nothing like playing a sax solo when you want ... I'm spoiled by my Gr-33 and Roland-ready Mexican strat. Right now using the Pod as the effects system for the Gr-33 Roland sounds + guitar sound switching. ( Guitar and Aux inputs ). variax used mostly for recording....
  3. There is ( I think ) a cheaper way to do it. The reason we want VDI is to: A. Have both the mag and variax sounds available to be mixed into a patch. B. Change patches on the Variax from the Pod To my thinking the following could work 1. We get the Variax signal out the 1/4" which can go wireless 2. Tap the mags separately out to another 1/4" which goes likewise 3. Variax VDI is connected to a wireless unit on the strap that provides power and is wirelessly connected to its counterpart that plugs into the POD VDI for transmitting patch and controller changes over Wifi 4. You can use the Guitar and Effects Receive inputs to mix the Mag and VDI tones ( using the Pod as an effects unit ) So you need to : A. Hack the Vx B. Have 3 wireless units on your back one of which has to be custom developed by Line 6 , but seems doable given the Vetta was able to change patches. © and (patent) protected :-) not ... Would love to see it happen Otherwise just extend the pins and give me a MIDI pickup too? please pretty pretty pretty please......
  4. Fix the looper so that both Pre and Post options offer the same sound quality.
  5. The action is indeed v low - I am getting 1/64 on the 12th fret lower E ( capo at 1st fret and also fretting 24th ). Did you change the neck relief or just adjust the bridge?
  6. Anybody know what the recommended "factory" specs are for neck relief, string height, pickup height ? I want to dial in my guitar to my prefs but would love to know how Tyler spec'd them. Would also be a quick check on how dialed in my guitar was from the factory.
  7. Love the monkey - but API based - not Open Source.... and developers not guitar players... all right - nuff said.
  8. 1. More people innovating on their platform = more features on it = better competitive positioning = more sales 2. Revenue can also be indirectly linked to brand awareness and buzz... = more community - more buzz 3. Shortened beta product cycles (more testers) = quicker time to market = revenue impact 4. Increased customer satisfaction = ... more repeat business? More referrals? ... 5. Better product quality???? Architecture improvements etc. from many minds looking at the software... Think Android vs. Nokia..... :-)
  9. Just to clear up some points: (a) I am not an advocate of hacking or reverse engineering - that always creates problems and issues (not supported, hacks break on new versions etc.) let alone the fact that it is extremely painful. (b) I am advocating an API based approach - a set of class libraries and documentation, that outline the L6 HD architecture and API, and points at which programmers can access/leverage/add/extend functionality in a way that is supported by the L6 development team. © This API is NOT for the Workbench User. This is for developers that are interested in extending the capabilities of (for example) Workbench (new Models, new Components etc.) and the core firmware. The majority of users should not know or care about how all this goodness is created - they should just be able to add them into Workbench, load them onto their Variax, Fire them up and Rock on!! I hate to keep using the MS FlightSimulator analogy (because it is not exactly apropos) - but the base product ships with only X number of planes, airports, and scenery, but the developers have made available their tools, the API and the architecture of the product so that talented developers can develop for e.g. a full 737 simulation (a/c and systems), create custom sceneries/airports, add their own objects to the airport libraries (fuel trucks, runway markings, gauges etc.) This community continues to innovate even when the original product is no longer being developed.... If not - so be it - no worries!.... just pointing out some possibilities...
  10. I understand the point you're making. Please just consider that there is a vast amount of talent out on this planet that is very comfortable with programming and customizing code (even firmware) to extend its capabilities. Just look at custom ROMs people have developed for mobile phones, game emulators and so on. Opening up the software to this community would enable Line6 to tap into this pool and get additional functionality to add to their core platform or even generate revenue for developers building new add-ons. Think Apple/ MS Flight Simulator or X-plane etc. Not to mention getting more beta testers and a rich and thriving ecosystem around their core product.
  11. Well .. Yes - apart from the 29 guitars modeled, and the library of "components" (bodies, pickups, pots) - why not open up the software so users can create ( and paint) completely new guitar types ( pedal steel anyone?), components, etc. As a flight and train simmer it's always really cool to watch people building new planes, scenery , locomotives - not just tweaking from a admittedly large palette.
  12. Why not open up the HD model software so that users can create their own guitars, bodies, pickups... In short Workbench on steroids. I hear the griping about Strats 1.9 and 2.0 - why not model EXACTLY the sound you want ? :-) I understand if there is IP Line 6 wants to protect - but surely "open sourcing" the HD models would be a great thing! I am sure most users wouldn't want to go to the level of sampling guitar waveforms and tweaking fft parameters - but enough might!
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