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  1. Also having problems with both ux1 and ux2 with no sound coming to headphones. They were both working fine until today. All updates in for Monkey, ux1 and 2..just not working! Win 7 64 bit os on my rig.
  2. I have maybe a somewhat unique situation. I am running win7 64 bit 8 gig machine with a i5 processer. Now with that out of the way let's get to the problem. I have used my ux1 since it was new with no glitches until a month ago. The sound was cutting in and out whether it was a mic or guitar. I thought it was dying, so I ordered a ux2, kind of an upgrade. That was here,in my hands last week. Got logged in, hooked up,got my license, registered etc. When I opened up my new pod farm 2.5 to tune up the sound was the same as my ux1 was...intermittent at best, it almost sounds like a phaser or delay. I was told by line6 support that it was a driver conflict between my ux2 and my Samson usb studio condenser mic. Now understand that the usb mic does not require a driver to function, and is never been used at the same time as the ux2 or 1. So due to the fact the mic uses no driver, my device manager is ineffective as a problem solver. I have contacted line 6, obviously, plus contacted Microsoft, Dell, Samson Audio, and even Musicians Friend, where I purchased it for help. I have done everything I can think of to resolve this to get back to recording with my gear, but nothing is working! HELP!!? .....P.S....Line 6 monkey and Pod farm all have latest updates......Thanks...Ron
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