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  1. Anyone have any updates on this functionality? There is no global 'stompswitch' option that I find on the XL. Perhaps Mr. Price was thinking the Helix product, not the HX product? And I have the same need to simply toggle between snaps and stomps. Would seem a very useful option to have. The two switch press does not work well live. I read in another post where one user made a metal bar to connect the two buttons to accomplish exactly what is being discussed here. while effective seems a shame he had to go to that length for a product of this price.
  2. I just moved to the Stomp XL from the Stomp for more footswitch versatility. And while everything physically is in place to do what I need the options in the software do not. I had expected that I could single switch toggle between the SNAP/STOMP modes but I cannot. I have my Helix Floor set up with the 4 snap/4 stomp and the Stomp XL could do that with a press of the mode switch. But it does not. So I am here to express my support of that as a future option upgrade please. The two button press and hold to enter Snap mode is cumbersome with the feet live, then back to stomp mode, then back to snap mode, etc. I know I can set up to scroll snaps but that is almost as bad with large feet and small buttons. I believe there are options in the Command Center as workarounds so I'll look at those as well but a one switch option would be ideal. It's so close to right, hopeful the option that it can be added, and it would parallel whatever Floor users like myself are already set up with. Thank you.
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