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  1. Hi All: Question from someone just starting out: Trying to record from Helix into Reaper. Input volume is causing monster clipping/distortion (not in a good way!) Helix records perfectly into Audacity. Any suggestions as to how to fix this? Thanks in advance. Buddy
  2. Thanks to all for your comments. I did record the guitar into my DAW, Sonar. Ghost notes clearly still there. I will double check intonation when I get off of work ( well, I guess I am not 'working' since I am checking the Line 6 forum!!) Any idea why my Variax will not go into 'Factory default restore' mode? Also: I went into Workbench. The ghost notes I hear sound exactly like a 12-string patch, with the second note a forth away from original note. Not much luck there, so far.
  3. Hi Alll: Trying to fix ghost notes in alt. tuning in my Variax Standard. Re-flashed to latest FW. Trying to restore factory defaults. Fully charged battery. Pickup selector switch in middle position. Hold down model selector knob.Insert 1/4" plug, as per Manual. Then: nothing. No LEDs. Any ideas as to what I should try next? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi All: Trying to restore the factory defaults (to fix ghost notes in open G tuning) in my Variax Standard. Reflashed to latest FW. Set pickup selector to middle position.Hold down model selector knob. Insert 1/4" plug. Nothing. LEDs don't flash. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Buddy
  5. Hi Everyone: Any suggestions for this problem: The new variax set list does not change the patch on the variax guitar. I have installed firmware 2.62, bought the full model pack, did a global reset and pedal calibration. The variax set up page (7/12) shows variax control 'preset' but model says 'don't force.' Any idea how to make a patch change on the HD500 change the variax patch? Thanks in advance, Buddy
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