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  1. It's been around 8-10 years since I've been on a L6 Forum.

  2. Greetings L6 Kin. Last week I tried to do a dual tone to record my acoustic-electric guitar. Tone 1 input is direct from my guitar. Tone 2 input is XLR from my phantom power for my Rode mic. I could only get Tone 1. I have read and re-read the manual and watched the You tube videos several times. I record with the Rode mic all the time. I do lots of vocals using X3Live from my phantom power box to X3L with no issues. Suggestions appreciated :)
  3. Greetings Y'all. Still loving my X3Live. To jump on upgrading I'm needing the usual awesome L6 guitar stuff, plus Bass amps and Microphone preamps. I periodically read about every new L6 gear but this hasn't seemed to happen. I noticed the HD500X added some Bass amps, but not sure about Mic preamps. Does the Helix or Helix LT have Bass amps and Microphone preamps? I wish you all well. :)
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