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  1. Made a mistake and clicked "refresh tone database", and lost all tones??? Uninstalled everything reinstalled all, and still the same. no tones???!!!
  2. Looks like the problem is Windows!!! For month I've been trying to find solution on my own, no use. So I decided to go back to the previous Win 10 version, that worked before the latest update. And now everything works fine, I get my guitar sound from PC speakers and can record with Audacity. Thx Triryche replys.
  3. I do have that option selected, but still no sound... really frustrating that I can't figure out what's blocking the sound from speakers. :( It might also be ASIO4ALL 2.14? when I listen to netradio, and open ASIO4ALL v2 Off-Line Settings, it shuts down netradio???
  4. I've had UX1 for 10 yrs, and I've always got the sound out of PC speakers. That's why I'm like a question mark.
  5. Hello all. I updated my Win 10 to the latest update few weeks ago. After that it worked fine, and then suddenly no sound from the speakers??? Don't know did I mess something up, and that's why I lost sounds? I got the latest drivers for my Line6 UX1, still the same. I've checked and checked everything several times, now I'm about to loose my mind :( The only thing that I found from Sound Control Panel related to Line 6 UX1 driver info/properties was this: Device USB\VID_0E41&PID_4150\5&3ac4fd6f&0&14 requires further installation. Does anyone of you know what that further installation means? Or is it Windows Mumbo-Jumbo!!!
  6. No use, looks like my Win 7 isn't in so good health. ;) Is there drivers and guide for installing in Linux Ubuntu?
  7. Yep I have. And now after reinstalling, and trying to log in via Line 6 Monkey I get this: So. looks like it's pretty much over now for me :(
  8. I updated my UX1 via Line 6 monkey. After that I lost signal to pod farm... ain't no fun to play without amps! Tried to unistall, and reinstall, still the same...???!!!
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