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  1. Looks like the problem is Windows!!! For month I've been trying to find solution on my own, no use. So I decided to go back to the previous Win 10 version, that worked before the latest update. And now everything works fine, I get my guitar sound from PC speakers and can record with Audacity. Thx Triryche replys.
  2. I do have that option selected, but still no sound... really frustrating that I can't figure out what's blocking the sound from speakers. :( It might also be ASIO4ALL 2.14? when I listen to netradio, and open ASIO4ALL v2 Off-Line Settings, it shuts down netradio???
  3. I've had UX1 for 10 yrs, and I've always got the sound out of PC speakers. That's why I'm like a question mark.
  4. Hello all. I updated my Win 10 to the latest update few weeks ago. After that it worked fine, and then suddenly no sound from the speakers??? Don't know did I mess something up, and that's why I lost sounds? I got the latest drivers for my Line6 UX1, still the same. I've checked and checked everything several times, now I'm about to loose my mind :( The only thing that I found from Sound Control Panel related to Line 6 UX1 driver info/properties was this: Device USB\VID_0E41&PID_4150\5&3ac4fd6f&0&14 requires further installation. Does anyone of you know what that further installation means? Or is it Windows Mumbo-Jumbo!!!
  5. No use, looks like my Win 7 isn't in so good health. ;) Is there drivers and guide for installing in Linux Ubuntu?
  6. Yep I have. And now after reinstalling, and trying to log in via Line 6 Monkey I get this: So. looks like it's pretty much over now for me :(
  7. I updated my UX1 via Line 6 monkey. After that I lost signal to pod farm... ain't no fun to play without amps! Tried to unistall, and reinstall, still the same...???!!!
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