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  1. Hey, Thanks for your insight (love your sarcasm - nice add to the conversation, LOL) "Display" tap/tempo LED "on" previously confirmed (I can upload a photo of the settings), I am in "stomp" mode (never use preset scroll mode) always use stomp mode since it is like the traditional stomp pedal functions I am used to. All "global" footswitch settings "appear" to be correct - As I said, I have two of these devices, footswitch settings are identical - one works, the other doesn't - I took photos of all the global settings on the functioning tap/tempo Helix and the non-functioning LED Helix just to be certain I was not missing something simple and obvious, it was working prior to the update, so not hardware, no interruptions in the update, so user error in the update process not an issue. Ummmmm????? Flummoxed. So what am I missing oh great one? Please instruct this ignorant pion, I may be missing something simple and obvious but I don't think I am (of course the odd thing about missing something is that by the very nature of the case you do not know what it is that you are missing (imagine that) Yours is the first response I have had to the old post (for that I am grateful) - which did not appear to have been allowed by the "moderator" (I wonder who that is?) since it did not even show up when I first came back to the thread, (that sort of pissed me off) so, I posted again tonight. (Did I say something about twitter?). Didn't have the time to fool with it since I have been working out of town and tonight is the first night I have had to get back to it and didn't really want to spend an entire evening devoted to just this matter - I re updated all the firmware, various versions, and tried a number of other things to no avail. - that's right - blew an entire evening on the matter, so you will empathize with my frustrations I am sure. So, what am I missing? and I may yet be missing something. I had already opened a technical support ticket prior to reading your lively post (I should say, it is the first time in all these years of using Line 6 gear that I have ever had to open a technical support ticket) so that's sort of new territory for me which is one reason I continue to buy their gear. I guess we'll see how responsive and technically apt they actually are. Again - what am I missing?
  2. I also had the same problem. I own two full Helix stomp floor models. First update with firmware, no problem, updated the 2nd one and same issue - tap tempo does not illuminate although the settings are correct. There is a bug in the firmware. I posted last week and the moderator did not allow the post. If I am not allowed this time I will go to twitter and we will get the word out folks - uhhmmmmm!!!!!!!! moderator. I own many Line six products for decades starting with the old style Vetta II head and many other products and therefore I am a loyal customer since the mid 1990's so I'm no disgruntled Line 6 hater.
  3. Same with mine - I own two Helix full stomps, first one upgraded and was fine, second one - no tap tempo light, all settings are correct - there must be a bug in the Line Six firmware update - grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! - and I really don't have time to fool with it right now. I did back up before I updated. Please fix this Line Six. Thx
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