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    Free IR Gift

    Thanks a lot
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    Thanks for the answer. I'll download line6 allure.
  3. hescaz


    Hello, I've lost the factory IR' originaly loaded in Helix. Where can I find them to restore? Thanks
  4. Hello, I've posted few days before. I had the same problem. How i resolved it? I saved all the setlist not infected one by one. On the infected setlist I saved the good presets only. Naturally saved the ir's. Than i have clear all with a 5&12 reboot. I have done a reinstal of helix edit, than I have reloaded Helix software. Next step , reinstal all I saved... It now seemed OK. I really would know where this problem came but no answer till now... I hope I help you
  5. Hello, I've done all the process as described (i bought this helix in March 2017). Now i resolved the problem by another way. But it's a long time that i had some problems with my firmwares, 2.81 then 2.82 Thats why i suspect an internal and recurent bug and really want to initialize the core of firmware. I've never found the way to do. Another thing: i've posted few month ago because a problem of ring leds (lighting sometime and sometime not for switch 11 and 12). The dealer where i bought helix has ordered teplacement leds and its the next step: repairing my pedalboard. Maybe a link between these leds and the software, a kind of shortcut ? Really dont know.
  6. Hello, it's the 2.82 and i use PC loaded with windows 10. What is on the PC is on the Helix. Some preset dont accept to be rename, others create a double the line under etc....look like some preset are corrupted...... I resolve the problem this way: - I have done a backup set list by setlist - with the corrupted setlist i save the presets only one by one - I have done a total factory reset of the helix clearing all the presets - I have done one more time an update ith the 2.82 firmware - then i have reloaded the helix with the differents setlists and preset - it seemed like it's OK But what happened? Corrupted presets (customtone)? Hardware or firmware bug? I really cant understand......
  7. and sometime when i write for example on place 12A, it's copyied on the 12B.
  8. have sometime a message error 8200
  9. Hello, In a setlist on my Helix, some presets positions can't be rename and i can't import any preset. it's look like some bugs. I refeed my helix with the last software and have done this many times but it's always the same bugs. Any idea? Do the hardware begin to fall?
  10. Sorry corrupted patch…..but that's not the first time it happens. The first time it happens after the update and i dont know how really it passed….. Thanks for your answer , i just thought custom tone where safe...
  11. Hello. When i import or create a preset on a place on my helix and when i rename it instead of New Preset, every time I save this preset because changing something, or cut the power on Helix, or change preset, it lost its name and automatically rename it New Preset. I have reinitialized Helix, reloaded it with the last update, i can't save the new name for this preset. Any idea?
  12. OK now I can use the joystick (i doesn't worked before) and when I test all the leds, the led on the footswitch 12 seemed HS. Many thanks.
  13. how could i do progress the test mode 3&4?
  14. It's done. Black screen. I have to powered off/on to make helix rebuilt all presets.
  15. 5 minutes and still on UI Test....
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