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  1. Due to the virus wreaking havoc on our community of musicians, I thought I would do something meager to give back. Here's a free gift of some of my favorite cab mixes that are unique from my offerings: https://www.drbonkerssoundlab.com/product/dr-bonkers-in-this-together-cab-pack-ir-collection/
  2. Where are you setting permissions for all your drives?
  3. Hi @HonestOpinion, I seem to have replied yesterday with screen shots showing the behavior, but for some reason they were removed from the thread with not even a PM to me explaining why. Let me re-post again. In the below two screen shots you will see, I try to save a preset to my F: drive folder. But after clicking save, the file is not in the folder. Now with the same preset I open the dialog and save to me desktop, you will see it saves successfully to my desktop. All my other programs save files perfectly to my F: drive, including Fractal Audio Axe-Edit, so I seriously doubt this is a local computer or drive problem, but rather it is an HX-Edit issue.
  4. Continuing bug in HX Edit 2.80: One can only Export presets to the C: Drive on a Win 10 64 Bit machine. If you try to Export Preset to another hard drive, for example an F: Drive hard disk, HX Edit will let you hit save, but when you view the folder, no file was saved. Can you fix this in the next update? It's a pain in the butt to Export File to the C: Drive and then need to move the file in a separate operation to your music drive.
  5. I finally jumped in the pool and was able to get my Helix Floor from Alto Music. It arrived with no issues. L6 really did a nice job with the packaging design. Right out of the box, I hooked up some phones and plugged in my Squier VM Jazzmaster SS and my Jaguar SS bass. I use those two to test any new piece of gear out because they are the noisiest instruments I own and the Jazzmaster pickups can be brutal if the preset makers go a little crazy adding mid range or treble. Really nice job with the factory presets as I could cobble together a few and do a gig today with total confidence. There's no insane volume spikes between presets on the meat & potatoes tones and the factory IR cabs are not super dark or have a mid range honk like with some other modelers I have either auditioned or owned in the past. The interface is great too, once I got the feel for the joystick. The capacitive buttons and expression pedal will seem to hold up to my clod hopper-like feet. The UI is pretty intuitive. I can't wait to get more under the hood and see how to hot rod things, but the UI does not have a steep learning curve at all. As a longtime Fractal Audio Axe-FX II owner, color me very impressed in terms of bang for the buck.
  6. Thanks Brad, you are gentleman and a scholar. Once I have one in my posession, I will hit you up for some advice for sure! I'm shipping out the MFC-101 on Monday as I just sold it on Reverb.
  7. I can dial in sounds just fine thanks. Keeping the MFC-101 out of lost connection messages or user timeout is a whole other ball of wax to deal with, if you never had to do it. If I have to drag around a separate MFC-101 to control the Fractal from the floor anyways, why not drag around a controller with better ergonomics, scribble strips, and that can function as a backup rig if need be? The RJM Mastermind is about $200 more than the Helix at retail right now and is not even a backup rig. To use a painting analogy, some people like to make art with just five colors on the palette, others use triple that number and mix them together as well to make art. Neither method is better nor worse for making art, it's just a matter of what inspires you to make it. If it neither breaks your leg nor picks your pocket, what does it matter to you if someone "should" do it? I am just asking about the technical ability of the unit to do so, not about the artistic or moral merits of doing so.
  8. The MFC-101 is a royal pain in the butt for a variety of reasons. Very finicky piece of kit to program and not have the connection time out. The MFC also does some strange things to the AF2 when plugged into the unit while Axe-Edit is running. If the Helix can do what I want it to do as far as control and also be a backup rig, that's even better.
  9. I love the AxeFX2 but I think the MFC-101 frankly just blows with its implementation and editor. I am selling my MFC-101 Mark III because I am so fed up with the way it handshakes with the AF2. In some ways the Behringer with the UNO chip worked better. The way I was hoping it would work is the Helix would work as a midi controller to change Fractal preset up and down as well as Fractal scene up and down. Then I could use the other 4 buttons to control helix snapshots. The possibilities are endless, Helix drives in front of Fractal modelling, 4 amps and cabs available simultaneously to rage along, building complex Strymon, Eventide, or even old school Lexicon PCM-70 type effects by having one unit's effects feed into the other's effects. I figure for the way it is priced, the Helix floor unit is like getting an RJM Mastermind with a backup rig or an Ax-8 thrown in.
  10. I am getting closer to being able to pull the trigger on a Helix Floor model (not LT). I was wondering if there was a for the Helix to send Midi Program changes and scenes to the Fractal? Has anybody done it and can give me some info on how to do it? Also, is my Fractal EV-1 expression pedal going to be compatible with the Helix? My dream is to be able to use the Helix 4CM with the Fractal sometimes and just have it control the Fractal other times, and just use the Helix other times by using a blank preset in the Fractal as a pass through, so that once I have it wired up, I don't have to physically rewire everything any time I want to change what interacts with what. Is this madness?
  11. Hey that's totally cool. Once I have enough saved up in the fall to get a Helix, I will make a series of videos about this very subject of managing IR's in the Helix. Thanks so much for your support and the great feedback.
  12. Thanks so much for the awesome support from this community. I am truly humbled.
  13. Available in a variety of WAV formats. Come see what the fuss is about with my ir files and why you should try them out.
  14. Amazing to see. Billy has been a big inspiration to me over the years.
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