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  1. Retailers seem to not be carrying it anymore, is it being replaced/updated?
  2. Yep, it's been able to do this for a while before the 30 came out, as long as your firmware is updated I think. I go straight into Reaper, super easy and haven't had any problems yet.
  3. The USB works great, I go right into reaper, didn't even need to set anything up, it recognized the Amplifier, stereo and mono inputs.
  4. When using the 150 as just a wireless speaker from my computer (not the remote amp), are the tone controls (bass, mid, treble) disabled? They seem to be on mine, is this normal. I would love a block diagram or schematic, anyone have either?
  5. I just got the 150, for $289(249+40 shipping) from music go round. I was happily surprised that it appears to be still new in box. They have 3 more, I'd buy them all and resell if I had the cash. They have some 75's also.
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