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  1. I got my new unit a few weeks ago, and it works great, except, as others have mentioned, the battery life is VERY DISAPPOINTING to say the least. My Boss Katana Air's battery life was easily 6-8 hours. The Line 6 one is 1-2 hours tops. (the quality of the line 6 unit is much better though...the boss one has a static/popping problem that I cannot get rid of...the line 6 one stays crystal clear through the thr30ii)
  2. I am already invested, as I need to pair it with my Yamaha THR30II. I really have no choice other than using a cable, which defeats the purpose of that ultra portable unit. I will have to take my chances. Firmware updates...sigh...blessings and curses.
  3. @convergys2 you are absolutely right. Line 6 should AT LEAST be responding to inquiries here though. All the had to do to calm some of the noise is state that they have been contracted to build equipment by the government, and I am sure many people would be understanding. Myself included. I am going to see if I can find somewhere to order, and wait it out. I am also curious if the newer units will have these battery life problems fixed that have been reported by long-time owners who did the latest firmware updates.
  4. i am in the same boat. Anxiously awaiting the availability of a G10T before the summer to make my THR30II easily portable.
  5. So, after having purchased a shiny new Yamaha THRII, I am looking to buy a G10T to go with it. I found a vendor with one in stock. Should I just buy that one, and update the firmware, or should I wait for a proper refresh to be released? Is that actually going to be happening any time soon? or is Line 6 busy with other covid-19 related things?? (I really am trying to be patient...but...I can't)
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